Question about the Elux double ovens

illinigirlAugust 21, 2013

Although right now the elux double ovens are my first choice for that appliance, we haven't been able to see them in person because the appliance place we are working with are just starting to carry Elux. They don't have any out in their showroom yet. Fortunately we don't need appliances until next spring but we are still working on the costing and getting quotes right now.

so my question is about the racks- do ALL of the racks have the gliders on them? I also looked at the KitchenAid double ovens and I noticed only one of the racks had gliders. The Fisher Paykel oven racks all had gliders but that priced out at 1K higher than the KA.

Any other comments about these ovens...are there any other brands I should be looking at for the same price? Or thoughts about Elux vs KA double ovens?


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My first comment would be to ditch the double oven idea if you have the space for two single ovens. Doing double oven's opens up the possibility of if something goes wrong with one you lose both.

My personal preference is to just get a single oven and complement it with another oven of some type as a second, like a steam oven.

Now, if you don't have the space, or don't like the idea of two singles, then I have heard nothing but good things for Elux on these boards.

I can't answer about the racks though, sorry. I am wondering from your screen name if you are in the Chicago area though? And if so what appliance place you are going to. There are a ton of places in the Chicago area that do carry Elux already, you could just go to them to look at these in person and then go back to working with your place from there.


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thanks Phil,
I'm actually not in Chicago (used to be from there). I haven't looked into steam ovens before but I will. I do some bread baking. Cost will be a factor. I need to come in at 12K or under for my kitchen appliances including: fridge, rangetop, d/w, ovens, and micro.

We wanted our splurge appliance to be on the rangetop (Wolf, again because in our area we can not get authorized dealership of CC or BS and i would like the post purchase support). The d/w will be either 500 or 800 Bosch. I have not selected for sure the fridge or ovens or micro. We are getting quotes on the 36" wolf for 3800 and 1200 for the 800 series Bosch so that leaves 7K for the remaining appliances. Any suggestions are welcome, thanks!

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I saw the double oven yesterday--am also interested in it. All the racks in the top oven (with the exception of the very bottom one) had rollers. My memory is hazy on the bottom oven, senility creeping in. But unlike the Wolf, this had convection in both ovens... and the blue was quite pretty.

Cheers, Shawn

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Hi! WE have the Elux Icon Professional double ovens and LOVE them! In answer to your question, YES, all the racks have gliders so that's three in both ovens for a total of six.

They are nice and smooth and have a lip on the back so that you can push your pan or backing sheet all the way to the back without worrying about it sliding off the back or shifting.

We've really like the touch screen controls and how they whole thing goes dark except the clock when you're not using it. Looks really sharp. I keep wiping it for smudge prints of course but I can live with that!

The only thing I'd comment is that we got the Elux warming drawer (which we've used once) and put it blow the double oven set b/c it was the best place I had for it (where I didn't give up space where I'd prefer a real drawer.) We have a microwave drawer - if we hadn't gone with that, I'd recommend that the warming drawer go at regular drawer height. Anyway, it's low to reach in - but even more it pushes up the ovens so that the controls are fairly high and it's even a bit high to put anything on the upper middle rack, much less the top rack! And, I am 5' 11" and hubby is 6' 2"!

That's ok b/c we end up using the bottom oven more often but if you aren't tall, you may want to put them lower. Our controls are just above my eye height (so that's probably about 6' high) - pretty high.

Our Elux ovens are one of my favorite appliance purchases. We've baked pies and desserts, broiled, cooked regular meals now and it is spot on for temperature and I love the glide.

Here are some pics! Not the greatest (and there's a weird reflection on glass) but you get the idea! :)

In case you have any other questions, we have the Elux Icon suite of the full-sized fridge and freezer, the double ovens and warming drawer, plus the regular Elux beverage center if you have any other question. Our other appliances are a Thermador stovetop, Sharp microwave drawer and Miele Futura Dimension Plus dishwasher. (U-Line beverage fridge/wine, Bosch dishwasher and Hoshizaki ice maker in wet bar.)

Good luck!

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Mine is Elux Wavetouch non-icon double wall oven. It comes with four gliders and two regular racks. I only keep two racks in each oven, so I've stored the extras. I seem to remember that one of the differences between icon and non-icon was the extra gliding racks. Since I never use all six racks anyway, this wasn't a problem for me.

I use the "Keep Warm" mode in my oven in lieu of a warming drawer.

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Ok, that explains it. What the salesman showed me was the non-Icon Elux... which explains why the bottom rack was non-glider in what I saw... another senior moment averted!

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Has anyone cooked a big turkey on a glide rack and pulled the rack all the way out? That looks like such a great feature to be able to pull the rack all the way out but I wonder how stable it would be with a 20 lb turkey?

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nanj - yes I have. I have roasted turkeys twice so far, each around 22-25 lbs. The glide racks have worked perfectly, pulled all the way out to put the turkey in and lift it out. I have the 27" wave-touch non-icon single oven. So far, in about 18 months of regular use, it has performed flawlessly.


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I didn't even know about the "Keep Warm" feature on the oven - see how handy these forums are! Thanks, Ginny20! I guess I'd better read my manual!


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Correct answer is:

"Icon" models - 3 glide-out racks per oven (i.e. 6 total for a double oven)
"Wave Touch" models - 2 glide-out racks and 1 standard rack per oven
"IQ Touch" models - 1 glide-out rack and 2 standard per oven

Icon is available in 30"w only; other two are 27" or 30"w.

You can choose the height position for the glide-out rack(s), and which oven they go into, so for example if you got the Wave Touch double oven, you could have 3 gliding racks in one oven and 1 gliding rack in the other if you prefer rather than 2 and 2. You can also order an extra glide-out rack from appliance parts sellers.

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Cheryl, good to know! No substitute for real world experience.

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thanks everyone for the responses! I think it is the Wave touch model that is going to be in my price range, but I'll look into the Icon also.

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I have the 30 inch non-Icons. I have roasted 20-22 pound turkeys and large hams and the racks work just fine when fully extended.

I've had my ovens for going on three years, and they've performed beautifully. I've been very happy with them. Besides the warming setting, there's a Perfect Turkey button which actually does help you make a terrific turkey. I didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised.


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cj, do you use multiple gliding racks at the same time? (I ask because I'm looking at both the Electrolux, which has two, and the GE Profile, which has only one).

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cj, do you use multiple gliding racks at the same time? (I ask because I'm looking at both the Electrolux, which has two, and the GE Profile, which has only one).

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Yes, I do. I leave two of the gliding racks in each oven and leave the regular rack on the bottom. The gliding racks don't fit on the bottom rung When making cookies, I have moved one of the bottom gliders up top, to make three, and that works fine, too.

I hope that answers your question, if not, please feel free to ask for clarification.


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Thanks so much - I think that "seals the deal" for me at least. I hope it helps the OP too :-)

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(Of course then I saw the Bosch that has individual timers for each element. What to do now?)

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Hi! Do you mean a timer for each oven? Don't know about the WaveTouch model but the Icon double oven set has that feature. Maybe you mean something else?

I just went to get a cutting board tonight and noticed that we had two MORE oven racks in there? I wasn't paying attention when they installed it - I guess we must get two additional racks that you can put in if you take the gliding ones out. That's kind of amazing that you'd actually get 8 racks with the ovens.

Anyway, good luck with your choice!

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Regarding the Bosch DW, I just bought an 800 series at hhGregg, for about $850 plus the service plan. Still, under a $1000. Best Buy and other stores price match.

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The non - Icon model also has two timers, one for each oven. But I didn't get all those extra racks! Wow. That's impressive.


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It's possible that you would use all 8 racks if you were using the two ovens in their dehydrator mode. Mine aren't installed yet, but the manual gives instructions about using these ovens as dehydrators, and most of those have multiple racks.

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Wow - didn't even know about the dehydration feature! I just saw yesterday that it has a defrost function. Has anyone ever used that?

I really should read my manual!!!

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I think I used the defrost once, but it is just the fan moving around room temp air, if I remember correctly. I have used the Bread Proofing, which worked great, and I use Keep Warm often, like to hold pancakes or waffles as I make them. I also use Convection Roast and the broiling pan they provide to cook half chickens from the local butcher, and I don't know if it's the setting or the chicken or both, but they cook quickly and turn out incredibly juicy. Perfect Turkey is great because when the turkey reaches the set temp, the oven automatically switches to Keep Warm, so it doesn't matter if you don't notice that it's done. I also use Rapid Preheat a lot (it's in Cook Options). Which makes me wonder, why don't they just make all preheating rapid? When do you prefer slow preheat?

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Philwojo99 is right about getting 2 separate ovens. When the control panel or power supply fails, you lose both ovens. You may want to consider a regular single oven and a speed oven. E-lux makes them, as well as Miele, probably others, too. The speed oven can function as a microwave, a small convection oven, or both functions operating in tandem, giving you the advantages of both cooking methods at once. I chose the Miele in part because it has no turntable, giving you greater usable capacity. Easy clean surfaces and a broiler, too. They are sitting in boxes waiting to be installed, so I can't comment on function.
The larger oven will have your bread proofing function. If you want the high humidity that is so nice when baking bread, you can go old school. Just put a brownie pan half full of hot water on the lower rack. It may take a little experimenting to be sure the water doesn't all evaporate before you're done baking.
A small convection oven is really handy. We had a Jenn-Air range in a previous house that had a standard and mini oven in the same unit. The little oven was used more than half the time when only one rack was needed. A little oven is quicker to pre-heat, uses less electricity and doesn't heat up the kitchen as much.
So many choices!

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I second uptowngirl's suggestion for separate ovens due to the reasons she outlined.

I also agree with her about the speed oven.
We have had the Elux Icon oven and the matching Elux Icon Speed oven since 2006 now.

Last night i was doing a steak on the BBQ and was gonna due a baked tater in the speed oven, (takes 14 minutes, including preheat) and they come out exactly the same as if done in the regular oven, which would take 45 mins to an hour hour, (including preheat).

Well it was hot here in S Calif yesterday, and tons of folks had their air conditioning going.

Apparently it dragged down the electrical voltage in our area.
When I went to start the speed oven it gave an error, (Line voltage low and out of spec), I tried a second time, same msg!
I thought OHHHH NOOO, now dinner will be one hour later,
(I'm lost without that speed oven)~~~well fortunately, 3rd times a charm, No error and 14 mins later, taters were done, and it save a lotta electricity as well as time!!!


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