Has anyone purchased from efaucet?

mileadaySeptember 4, 2009

I can save some money ordering some of my bath items from efaucet.com but I have seen some negative reviews about damaged products and customer service. The money that I can save won't be worth it if I run into problems. Does anyone have personal experience dealing with this company?

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I recently purchased a toilet from them. I have not opened the boxes to check for damage, but the toilet arrived promptly. I had some missed communications with the shipping company and had to contact efaucets for shipper information, and efaucets was very helpful.

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Try out plumbtile.com They're really good with getting stuff to where it needs to be. I've ordered a Stone Forest product from there (all granite), and it came in just fine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plumbtile's Home page

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Definitely would not recommend efaucet. I make a majority of my purchases on-line, and they have one of the worst customer service departments I've ever encountered. If you have any issues arise, you're out of luck. Not worth the risk in my opinion.

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Thanks for the feed back. After seeing the negative responses online, I decided to ask for a price match at the local Lowes. I got the discounted prices and even tho I have to pay state sales tax, I still saved. Actually, 2 items were cheaper at Lowes and two at Home Depot. Since it was all special order stuff, they didn't do the 10% back. I feel more confident that all will arrive safely and if not I can at least deal with it in person. It did take forever to place the order even tho I had all the info and price match #s. The salesperson I worked with was great but their computer system is worse than terrible.

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This thread deserves a bump. I was about to finalize my order of a dozen items with efaucets.com and then I noticed that a $70 bond was added to my efaucets.com shopping cart order near the bottom, where sales tax would usually be found. I hadn't added that item. I went more carefully back through the whole e-faucets.com order process and found where you need to uncheck the bond box or you are charged for a bond.


Anyways, my suspicions were aroused.

I entered "efaucets complaints" in Google and discovered lots of customer complaints. Serious customer complaints.

I wonder if the credit card processor is making them include a bond now.

Needless to say, I am not ordering from efaucets.com.

I am giving a local person a chance to bid my job.

I am prepared to pay more, and sales tax. Will gladly do so. No money is saved to buy from a company like efaucets.com that does not stand behind what they do.

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We used eFaucets.com when my parents-in-law built their home. Ordered all their faucets and 2 vessel sinks. Had no problems whatsoever. We also used them when we built our house just last year (2009). Again, no problems. Everything arrived in perfect condition and on time.

If only we'd been so lucky with the contractor, the flooring guy, and the tile guy.....

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I've ordered a few things from them, and everything came fine. The box containing my pedestal sink look like it went through a crusher, though, but luckily the sink was intact. I still have to order bath faucets, is there another online retailer that any one can recommend?

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I purchased Grohe shower and sink fixtures from Faucet Direct (faucetdirect.com). They weren't the cheapest, but were close, and everything came on time in perfect condition. I purchased bathroom accessories from Plumbtile. They were the cheapest for those items. I had to do a lot of follow-up, but I did get everything in time and the stuff was packaged like fine jewelry.

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Funny this thread should come up again.

I have made several purchases for my remodel from efaucets. I would say that overall my experience is positive - everything arrived reasonably quickly with nothing broken (I was a little nervous about the toilet, since I didn't stupidly didn't open the boxes until 6 months after it was delivered). However, I have a few caveats:

I find the bond thing that plumeria mentions a little annoying.

I just had a fixture arrive in the wrong finish. Not a huge problem BUT it has been a little bit of a pain getting it fixed. I tried sending an email and doing a live chat to get a resolution but was told to call. The live chat representative was not good at answering my question directly, which was a little frustrating. More frustrating was the hold time when calling - 12 minutes the first time before I hung up, then 57 minutes the second time (hung up again), then finally about 6 minutes when someone answered. The rep who finally answered was courteous and helpful, though. This call was just yesterday so I don't yet have a resolution.

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collins design

I submitted my entire bathroom reno order for bids from several of these online places. I ended up purchasing from ebuildersmerchant.com, whose online website is called namebrandfaucets.com. They came back with one of the lowest cost+shipping totals, and they were very helpful. Communication was great, and all of my items arrived promptly. I highly recommend them.

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I used faucetdirect.com for most of my items. When I called them they gave me additinal 10% off of my on-line order. Everything shipped quick. They made sure I got my valves in time. Great customer service.

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I purchased 2 bathroom faucets and 2 kitchen faucets from Homeandstone.com which I learned about on this site. The items came directly from the manufacturers and where packaged very well. I had a fantastic experience with them. Sorry I can't comment on efaaucet for you, but it does seem on the kitchen side of the forums, a lot of people order from homeandstone.

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We just ordered and received a Delta Grail faucet and soap dispenser from faucetdirect.com (for a soon-to-be-installed utility sink). Their price was among the cheapest (one other place showed even cheaper pricing, but not as many favorable reviews of the vendor), and most or all positive vendor reviews. Free shipping and No tax (outside of CA?). I placed the order over the phone, as I had some ques re: availability and delivery date. The cust svce people with whom I spoke (two separate calls) were polite, knowledgeable, and helpful. I placed the order on Monday and received the items yesterday (Friday). I was told the items would be all new, in the boxes, with full manuf warranty, and as far as I can tell, they are.

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My post disappeared about these guys and my experience with a sink from them. Please read there policies for returns and shipments BEFORE buying. It's one of those things, buying on the internet is great when it goes well but, can be a nightmare when it goes bad. In my case I'm out $1000 for a Shaw sink and have no recourse because it was broken when we got it but we didn't open it and let the shipper leave it in our garage. 3 months later, opened it up and it was unusable. Tried to get an exchange or refund, no luck. It was their policy, that if you sign for something sent truck freight it's yours. Since they aren't authorized to sell the Shaw product I bought, the manufacturer can't help either. I filed a complaint with the BBB of WI and someone else sent me to a board (link above) that had a ton of complaints especially about refunds when exchanging.

Just be careful if you purchase from efaucets.com, as you can see they also have several other internet companies too.


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We purchased many of our fixtures for our bathroom remodel (toilet, shower faucets, sink faucets) through efaucet and I'm happy to say the whole experience was great. We had absoutly no problems whatsoever, and hence didn't have to engage customer service.

We ordered our bathtub from Vintage tubs who had great customer service, but the order got totally messed up.

someone in a post above said that ordering online is great if everything goes perfectly, but not great if things don't go perfectly. I second that! I think we got lucky with efaucets and the experience could have turned out completely differently.

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Right Andredeg, it's a lot about luck .. I order off the internet all the time for a lot of things not just in my remodel. I had never had a bad experience until the sink one with efaucets (post above yours). In fact I ordered a couple of other things from them before that and got them undamaged.

Another area that I found with these web store fronts not just efaucets for home products is that they don't ship right away even though they say they do. One of my light fixtures took months to come from one company which was okay. But, when I needed a valve for my shower fixture I bought off the internet and it said it was in stock and I paid for overnight shipping, I was told that they didn't process orders for 48 hours or more. That's not overnight now is it. At least not along the lines of ordering from a Pottery Barn or someone like that. I had to order and cancel and call 3 different places to get it. In the end, it took like 10 days to get the valve.

We all just need to be careful, read the fine print and err on the side of caution. In some cases many cases you can save a lot of money on the internet. You can also save the cost of time spent, time running around shopping (which I hate) so for me buying online is really more about convenience. It makes me crazy when certain things are only available in a showroom or dealer. But, then that's how companies protect the integrity of their products and service. I know this as I owned a business and hated it when my customers challenged me with online prices that were from shadey sources. It's all a trade off and what your tolerance for risk is.

After my experience with Efaucets, I am a lot more cautious about what I buy and who I buy it from online. I definitely will never by from efaucets.com ever again after the sink issue. That's my opinion though.

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I've been researching a lot about consumer complaints against eFaucets because we have a problem right now. I can't believe the mess we have on our hands. We ordered a 2nd time from eFaucets (first no problem and loved item). However, the 2nd is an on-going battle (we ordered faucet in Nov)! I agree with previous posts -customer service sucks. They would not take an exchange/return until we used Live chat. We were frustrated at how much we had to do as customer to get this arranged but the tipping point for us ....a random 2nd order arrived on our doorstep (we never authorized a 2nd order) and it's Feb and we still can't get our credit back from eFaucets. We've given them one week before filing a formal complaint w/ BBB of Wisconsin. Buyer (of eFaucets) BE VERY AWARE!!

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absolutely horrible service... would never ever ever recommend.....

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Worst internet business experience I have ever had. Ordered an airswitch for garbage disposal. Only the button arrived. A month later, still no electrical switch. eFaucets would not refund my money. Said it would take weeks more to get the switch. Failed to have UPS pick up button. I had to talk to them many times to coordinate pick up.

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The worst internet service I have experienced to date! The only thing worse then having your entire house burn down is dealing with efaucets. I wish that I had done research on the company before spending 4,000 dollars and getting no merchandise on time. When I called, I was not allowed to speak with a manager and was basically told that my Items had been shipped freight by mistake and would not arrive for a week. I was told that there was nothing they could do and they refused to reship the items overnight without me repurchasing them. I was told however that they would refund $5 of my air freight charge. LOL - hows that gonna help me pay my $120 per hour plumber who has no parts?

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FYI the number to call them is 888-201-2468������

I like their stuff big time.

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We had ordered and PAID FOR 11 items for our bathroom renovation. On receiving our shipment, we discovered that two items were missing.

After DAYS and NUMEROUS calls and given the run-around on the 2 missing items, the woman who said she'll look into it decided to cut a major attitude and had the audacity to accuse us of never having ordered or even paid for the 2 items when we have a copy of confirmation receipt and credit card statement.

Besides having wasted my time and having to acquire the missing parts from elsewhere, I now have the added headaches of trying to recover the money that eFaucets technically STOLE from us AND a renovation contractor who can't extend his schedule due to this delay.

I hope enough people read these reviews to put these PETTY CRIMINALS out of business!

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EFaucet has terrible customer service. I ordered a bathroom towel hook from them. The hook was too big and I mailed the hook back to them. I did not received any refund for four weeks. I finally called them and they confirmed that they have received the returned item. It is now another four weeks since that phone call. I just call them again to inquire and the customer rep was extremely rude, just said he cannot do anything except refer my case to credit department. I ask if he could look up their records on what is going on and he say no. They act like frausters! Eight weeks out and they are still "processing" a refund that they have confirmed receipt of the returned item. Anyone has suggestion on what I can do?

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I just called them today about a bath light everyone else had out of stock. The website said they had 42 in stock. They had none.

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lousy experience with efaucet.com as well. ordered 2 sinks on a friday afternoon. after discussing with my contractor same day, realized they were the wrong size. called and emailed efaucet (within 24 hours from purchase as they suggest) to cancel order and received confirmation via email ("customer service reply") and over the phone with representative. all done on saturday (24 period). as they are "closed" sunday, i called first thing monday morning to confirm cancellation and was placed on hold for about 15 minutes. rep then confirmed that they had not shipped, order and charges would be cancelled (included freight charge of $53 plus cost of sinks). today (wed.) the sinks i had cancelled and confirmed such) arrived at my house, one with a damaged box and styrofoam leaking out. called back co. and they said the best that could be done is for me to pay for shipping back to them and they would not charge me a restocking fee. what a fiasco!! a huge amount of wasted time and effort. very poorly run business. recommend you shop elsewhere!!!!!!

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Very similar experience to those above. I ordered 2 faucets for $600. I found out that they were out of stock for more than a month and wouldn't be in time for my job so I cancelled the order a few days later. It is 10 weeks out and they still have not issued a refund for a product they never shipped! I have contacted my credit card company to intervene. I am contacting the BBB as well.

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I just ordered a master bath faucet and shower rough valve and shower trim from efaucets. They had the best price. I was able to check stock on line--found out that the brand I chose (Brizo) is not often stocked and is 5-7days...sometimes as long as 2weeks. I had the time, I ordered on Saturday July 27. got a shipping confirmation Monday July 29....I assumed for the shower rough valve as that was a stock item-it was set to arrive on Friday Aug 2. We were on vacation that week, and arrived home on thursday Aug 1 to find a nice big Brizo box on the porch. It had arrived on July 31-it was the shower trim. And the rest of my order came as expected on Aug 2. I was very satisfied, my order arrived in full in 5 business days. Price was right. I had called Brizo prior to placing the order to see if they were authorized for warranty purposes and they are. So no complaints here!

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I am bumping this, because I found it very helpful.

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This place is terrible.

When the faucet I ordered did not arrive when expected, I called (after waiting on hold for 18 minutes!), was told it wouldn't be for another 4 weeks. I told them that did not work for me, and is way past the date I was told when checked for stock status before I ordered. I told them to cancel it, and was then told I would have to pay a cancellation fee! Unacceptable. And now, my credit card has been charged for the item never shipped.

I have tried to call several times, with wait times of up to 30 minutes. And several of those times, after waiting for 15 minutes or more, I'm then cut off. I have no recourse other than to report them to my credit card company.

The few dollars you think you'll save, is not worth the dealing with this place.

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I ordered 4 toto toilets from them 2-3 yrs. ago. They had the best price by far. I received them quickly. All of them arrived together on a pallet, well packed with no damage. I was pleasantly surprised. After reading some of these posts, though, I feel like maybe I was lucky!

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Yes. DO NOT ORDER FROM E-Faucets! They will tell you the product is in stock and it isn't. I think they simply receive your order and straight out lie. Once you place your order I think they then order the product even though they falsely confirm it's in stock status.

That being said, I ordered a Toto Toilet and Toto faucets. The toilet took 9 1/2 weeks to get here. Still no faucets. So I cancelled the faucet order. Reason requested. Answer given. I had to get the faucets before Thanksgiving for my clients. I ordered from another online supplier and the faucets were here in 3 days!

Now here's the real kicker. e-faucets charged me $164 because I cancelled the order! And it took 20 days to get my credit card credit back!

This company is just all around bad and deceptive. I'm telling you loud and clear. Stay away from efaucets.

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They are the worst online company. We ordered a sink that was listed as being "in stock" it ended up being a special order that took 4 weeks to receive. We finally bought another sink from ubuild.com and had it installed before we received this sink from faucets! After many phone calls they finally send us an email on how to return the sink. We found out that we had to pay shipping and 20% restocking fee. This $287 sink will cost $164 to return! Ridiculous!! Order from build.com they are the best!!

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I recently used both eFaucets and FaucetDirect for a bathroom remodel. Both items (A bathroom light fixture and shower system). They both arrived in only a few days and in perfect condition. I spoke with customer service on both occasions to ask advice on the products and found them both to be knowledgable, helpful, and nice.

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I purchased from them recently and the item arrived in less than a week in perfect condition. YMMV.

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Ditto what both Liz and badger said.

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