Please critique my ranch floor plan; Thanks!!!

switchbackJuly 15, 2014

Hi folks,
We have a partial floor plan and would appreciate any constructive comments you could provide. The right side of the home is still a work in progress and is not provided here. The right side of the home will include the master bedroom, bathroom, and closet, as well as the Laundry room. Thanks for your time.

The stairs will go to the basement and up to the bonus room above the 2 car garage.

Looking at putting a " mudroom" along the right side wall as you enter the friends entry.

Bedroom 2: Shower 4 X 3
Closet 7 X 6
Bedroom 3 : Bathroom 9 X 5
Closet 5 X 6

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A mudroom is most often used by the family and becomes a little messy. Putting it by the friends' entry will make it either underused, or an eyesore. It's probably best putting it by the garage.

I see the 2 hallways by the garages as a bit of wasted space. And there's nowhere to store boots/coats.

If costs are a concern at all, having bathrooms for each bedroom is a large expense.

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How does this plan differ from the plan you posted last week?

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Nobody responded so I thought I had uploaded it wrong. Sorry!! Same plan just looking for feedback. I still have not finished the right side. Thanks for your feedback.

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A couple people responded, and you even responded to the responses.

Here is a link that might be useful: Same thread from last week

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I think your plan is pretty sweet.

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Thank you for your help.

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Having a 'friends' entry and main entry seems like a sweet idea, but the reality of it, does it work? For me, the only people that come to my house are friends/family/neighbors and the UPS guy. Therefor the only person using the 'main' door would be the UPS guy, but even then, if there is any question in his mind what the front door is, he'll go to the closest and most easily accessible door. I also completely agree with comments about the foundation plan (general rule, the more corners = the more expensive). While I am all about adult privacy, it is a very long distance between where you plan to put a master bedroom from what I assume will be children's bedrooms, a trek that might not be fun at 3 am when trying to get to a screaming baby or when you are putting the toddler back to bed for the umpteenth time. Just some food for thought :) Good luck and have fun as you continue working through the process!

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Thank you for you input.This home will be for my husband and I. I will try to cut out some of the corners on the next drawing. Any other advise would be great.

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