Storms Over Canarias

canarybird01February 3, 2010

We've been having terrible flooding and rain here in the Canary Islands. This video shows how it was in Santa Cruz, the capital city of Tenerife.

Luckily we didn't have it as bad where we live, on the other side of the island, and our house and garden are safe.

I wrote about it on my Tenerife blog, where there are links to more photos in the British newspapers.

It's raining again today so I imagine there will still be more flooding.


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Eww! What a mess....I'm sorry....
In the past several years we have had well more than our share of floods in the I sure know what damage water can do. and it seems we are likly looking at a dangerous spring and early summer due to all the snow that will have to find a way to the sea.
Linda C

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Oh Sharon, that is indeed a mess. WE had some flooding here too, and they are still repairing roads and bridges from last year, it takes a long time to clean up all the mess.

I hope it gets better there soon.


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Wow, looks dangerous too! I guess your little bit of paradise has its own brand of trouble just like other parts of the world. We've been dealing with snow and ice here which can be hazardous, but not on par with major flooding and devastation. I'm glad to know you and hubby are safe, Sharon.


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A mess indeed! It looks like the asphalt is being washed away. I am glad your side is much safer. Stay dry. How do your outside kitties do when it's so wet?

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Thanks all...yes there is a mess over on the other side of the island calculated at around $12 million damage so far, not to mention repairing private businesses and roads that were torn up by the water.

Eileen the outside kitty (Tigger) goes into the carport and either sleeps on top of my car or in towel-lined hutches that I made from clothes hampers laid on their sides and leave around the garden under shelter. He has a fur coat now so thick that he looks like a bear, so I imagine he doesn't get cold.
I've invited him into the house but he's a real outdoor man and doesn't like the indoors. LOL.

It's clear this morning but very cold. I bet there's snow on the mountain.



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Sharon, I'm glad you at least didn't get the worst of it.

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I'm glad your home isn't in danger - or your kitties either. You are the best mom!

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Sorry your island is getting so slammed, Sharon. But very happy to hear you all are safe and sound.

Seems it's been a very weird winter for everyone!


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