Samsung French Door - turn off water to replace filter???

texaspennyAugust 17, 2013

We purchased the Samsung RF4287HARS 4 door french door refrigerator in March of this year. It had been fine so far, except the ice maker is a bit loud when it drops the ice. However, yesterday my husband was fiddling with the water filter and took it out. Water started to shoot out of the filter hole at pressure and he shoved the filter back in. But quite a bit of water made its way into the bottom of the freezer section and now we have to defrost the fridge to melt all the ice buildup. He looked up what happened, and it turns out, you have to TURN OFF THE WATER to the fridge before you can change the filter. I am absolutely flabbergasted by this. Is this common? I've never had to do this before for other filters. Is a person supposed to pull out the fridge and turn off the water behind it every time they need to change the filter? Or turn off the water to the whole house?

To defrost the fridge we had to unplug it. Well, for this model, you just can't pull it out. You have to unscrew the front cover and then rotate the leveling legs to raise them out of the way, and THEN you can pull out the fridge. Luckily DH is tall with long arms and could get a good grip on the 36" fridge. I could barely budge it.

We looked on support websites and the stupid videos have a guy standing in front of the fridge saying, first turn off the water to the refrigerator, then just pull out the old filter and put the new one in! Easy peasy. A friend of ours has this model from a couple years ago, and they said they could change the filter without turning off the water. I'm not sure if this is a new change for Samsung or what, but I am just disgusted about this design flaw.

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That does sound like a bad design. I just checked the manual of my new Samsung (yet to be hooked up) and it does not call for turning off the water. In fact they warn not to use the water or ice maker without the filter in place which would indicate that this "could" be done without water spurting everywhere. Sounds like perhaps they recognized the flaw and did something about it.

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I agree this sounds like design retrograde! I have a Samsung French Door from 2-3 years ago and it does not need the water fiddled with before changing the filter.

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I've never heard of this before but you ought to be able to turn off the water without moving the fridge. Presumably the water is connected to the water pipe for you kitchen sink. You ought to have a cutoff valve there. If not, it will still be easier to shut off the water to the whole house for a few minutes than having to move the fridge.

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weissman-our fridge is on a different wall than the sink. It has its own water supply. We'll just turn off the water to the house from now on. It's just weird!

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Just bought this model to be delivered at end of month. Has anyone else dealt with this problem?

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