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nlionAugust 28, 2012

You all have been an immense help to me in my process of buying new appliances. So in hopes that some of this information may help folks, I thought I'd share a few things I've learned and my impressions of some appliances in the past few days. I'll begin by saying I'm not Julia Child or Giada Delaurentiis, so I'm certainly not an expert on these things.

I looked at 30" wall oven microwave combos. I thought I'd really like the Viking D3. I loved the ability to "customize" the knobs and bars on the Viking to match my cherry cabinets--it's definitely a very cool look. I then looked at the 30" Thermador Masterpiece wall oven microwave combo. For me, it was like walking from a Kia used car lot to a Mercedes car lot. The fit and finish of the Thermador was in another league from the D3. The salesman said the D3 is the entry-level Viking and he was right. Just pulling the racks out of the Thermador, they felt sturdy and highly engineered. The D3 felt flimsy by comparison. One other thing about the Thermador is they don't offer covered pans to go in their warming drawers. Does anyone have any thoughts about whether other manufacturer's pans are compatible?

Re: induction cooktop. I didn't like the Viking's looks with the squares on the cooktop surface and the clunky knobs on the right hand side...so it was out. I looked at the Wolf 30" induction and it was nice. I looked at the Thermador 30" induction and it's really a toss-up with the Wolf for me.

A frustrating point: Thermador is currently offering a free dishwasher (the promo is until the end of 2012) for buying two other Thermador appliances. I positively like my Bosch dishwasher and am not in the market for a new one. I expressed this to the first sales guy and he said, "Well, Craigslist the new one or replace your old one." I don't want to do this. I went to another retailer and they offered to give me $600 credit for not taking the dishwasher, so I think I'll go with them. I wish they would offer me more, because they said the "free" Thermador dishwasher is a $1595 value. I'm not sure how hard to push them on their $600 offer?

I welcome your thoughts, suggestions, whatever. Again, thanks for helping with these decisions. :-)

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I would take the $600 credit, if this was my decision to make. I have not heard a lot about Thermador DWs, do not know a single person who owns one, but am willing to guess they are made by Bosch. They rate just below Bosch (who rate well) in a well-known consumer testing magazine.

The $1595 may be MSRP, and DWs go on sale all the time. The $600 may well be the dealer's cost to buy the DW, or close to it. Appliances are bound to have a high markup, like furniture, because it's not something we buy often, like clothing.

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I'm still learning new things every day. Yesterday the installer came out to check to see if what we selected will work. I learned we have to consider more than just the measurements. Amps! I can't really explain what they are, but they're important. They have to do with the capacity of the electrical wiring to the appliances; our home has 400 amp service, but that's about all I know. Mr. Installer looked at my present cooktop and said he hoped it was on a 40 amp circuit because the new Thermador induction will need 40 amp. Out to the circuit breaker box, and YES we have a 40 amp circuit. Now on to the wall oven. The measurements appear to be okay...but the new Thermador Microwave/convection oven/warming drawer will need a 50 amp circuit. Back out to ye old circuit breaker box with fingers crossed...and yes, we do have 50 amps out there for it. Whew. Thank you, Toll Brothers, for building our home and doing a nice job with the electrical requirements.

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Hi nlion-
Where do you look in the circuit breaker box for the amp capacity?(I had fuse boxes until this past year) I'd like to check my stove outlet...thank you

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Eatrealfood: The amps for each circuit are printed right on the breakers themselves...look for the numbers 20, 40, 50, etc. right on the breaker.

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I am doing a Thermador kitchen and need an extra dishwasher! I'll get the free one offered through their "Free" program. I need an extra and am having to pay full retail. If by chance you are in the Mid-South (Memphis) area, let me know, we could possibly work something out. I'm glad you like the Thermador products, makes me feel better about the purchase!

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Bowyer...unfortunately we're no where close to Memphis...we're in Arizona. Good luck with your Thermador kitchen. BTW, did you know you can upgrade the "free" (Topaz) to Emerald or Sapphire? The Sapphire model has the blue glowing light inside...not sure it's worth $400 additional, but it looks fun. :-)

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We can upgrade for either $200 or $400, we're doing the $200 upgrade on both because my wife likes that top rack. Probably not worth it, but she wants it! The light is neat, I agree....have you seen the top-end DW that displays the time on the floor, too?

Too bad you're not closer, I'd buy your free one for more than $600.....win-win for both of us. Good luck with your kitchen, be sure to post pictures!

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That light on the floor is nice. I have the light on the floor (just a light, not a timer) with my current Bosch and that's a feature I didn't want to give up. I used to have a Kitchenaid with the top rack and always ended up forgetting I'd put items up there...until I couldn't find something in the drawer and then I'd realize it had been on the top rack for a couple of weeks. :-)

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