Please review & help with this Jenn-Air package

woozAugust 12, 2012

Hi all!

My wife and I just bought our first house! We've been looking for appliances and, well, frankly, we're overwhelmed. Every place we go to tries to push a different brand.

We want:

- Single wall oven

- Wall-mount microwave + trim

- Rangetop

- Counter-depth fridge (we'd love a built-in but its out of the budget)

- Dishwasher

- Any decent hood (doesn't have to match the brand of the package)

We got a quote for a viking professional package that put us at about $13,500. That's a bit high - I'd like to keep it at or below $10k if possible.

The last place we went to, the guy was wearing a Viking polo shirt but told us to avoid Viking. He said that Jenn-Air was better quality for about the same price.

Here's the package he put together for us:

- JMW3430WP Combination Oven with V2 Vertical Dual Fan Convection - $4599 (it's basically a dual oven where the top can be used in "microwave mode")

- JGCP436WP 36" Pro-style Gas Rangetop - $2799

- JFC2290VEP 72" Cabinet Depth French Door Fridge - $3249

- JDB8700AWP TriFecta Dishwasher with 40dBA - $300 (other dw is free, this is a $300 upgrade)

- Hood $586

Total out the door would be $11,533. He would "cover the tax" and provide a receipt that showed $800 in delivery fees so we could get $800 back as a mail in rebate from JA.

Out net cost for the package would be $10,533.

1) Is this good equipment that will last us many years?

2) Is this a good price for this package?

3) Is there a better package you would recommend at this price range or below?

4) Is there an amazingly better package at a slightly higher price that we should consider?


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You'd be much better off not buying a package but instead researching individual appliances. Most of us mix brands - no one brand provides the best of everything. KA makes good fridges and DWs for example but not such great cooking appliances. Lots of good info on this board about various appliances.

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If you really really want a built-in, I paid about the same as they are quoting you for the JA CD for a KA built-in. It's a floor model, but has a full warranty. Breezygirl bought the same one off ebay for about that price I think.

That oven sounds really pricey for what you say your needs are. You could get a single wall oven from any number of brands (Electrolux is well regarded and that's what we are getting) plus a microwave for a lot cheaper. Enough to cover the cost of your built-in.

If you really want that look where they are stacked together, Electrolux makes a combo oven/micro for $3299 in stainless. Big price difference from the JA.

I dunno, in my experience, every appliance store I went to tried to sell me a "Jenn Air package". It made me very suspicious about the incentives of the salespeople.

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