White Tile Questions - Receiving Conflicting Advice

RareindigoSeptember 7, 2012

Our new bathroom will be white (tile, tub, toilet, sink and vanity). Faucets are polished chrome. Floor is Adura Calypso Mist (white and light greys). Tile is 8" x 16" and will be in tub/shower area and continue around the balance of the room up to 48".

Tile stores I visited are giving conflicting advice and I'm getting confused! Should we go with 1/16" or 1/8" spacers? Do I use white or translucent silicone? Bright white grout or a soft grey? If using rounded Schluter around the niche, can I use rounded Schluter to finish the top of the tile wainscotting or should be we using the flat? Any comments are most appreciated.

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The tighter the spacing, the less grout there will be. Less grout = less scrubbing, so the tighter the joint, the better in my book--so 1/16" is perfect. Spacing can also depend on the way the tile edges are made. Some tiles will have to have larger grout lines. Many tile setters will automatically do 1/8" or larger grout lines on the floor. If you like the thinner 1/16" look, you will likely need to make that point VERY clear with your tile setter no matter what his "norm" is. Also, if you go with 1/16" spacers, you can use unsanded grout everywhere--it gives a nice soft smooth look vs. the grainy look of sanded grout. Unsanded grout is also easier to clean IMO.

As far as color for the grout, it really depends on the look you're going for. We did solid white glossy tiles in our kids' bath & a Carrerra marble porcelain-look-a-like tile in our master bath in our last house both with a silver-grey grout. We loved it as it created a nice contrast to all the white. If you're looking for the grout to blend in with the white, then a white grout would be the way to go. Another thing to consider is that colored grout will hide more dirt/stains than a white grout.

The schluter vs. flat accent question falls under the personal preference answer again. It's whatever you like as you will be the one living with it everyday.

Hope this helps!

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Of the tile was made to butt the pieces together, or if it's rectified then you can use the 1/16" joint. Otherwise, 1/8" minimum. Caulking should be the same color as the grout, and acrylic, made by the same manufacturer as the grout. As for the grout color, that's entirely up to you. It all depends on the look you like. If you want the wall to blend together, then use the white. If you'd like to see the joints, then use the grey. as for using the Schluter strips for finishing the top of the wainscot, if you use any of them it should be the bullnose strip. Personally I don't think you'll be happy with it, but that's me.

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