Working Exterior Shutters

icandoitalsoJuly 12, 2009

Has anyone built their working shutters for the outside of their home? I would like to use a long lasting wood and a board and batten style. I live in south Louisiana and am trying to get ready for hurricane season. Any information or websites would be helpful. Everything I have found to purchase ready made are very expensive.


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DH built ours. See photo's and let me know if this is the style you are interested in. We're also in S. Louisiana. He's sleeping right now, but I'll ask him for specifics and pass them on to you tomorrow if you'd you like.

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Thank you brutuses. They are exactly what we're looking for.

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I'll get some information to you tonight.

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DH says, the shutters are made of pine v-grove on one side and bead board on the other side, tongue and grove boards that were purchased from Home Depot. The shutter dogs and slide bolt was purchased from Ricker on Solomon St. in N. O. and the hinges come from Timberland Shutter Co. on the internet. (Timberland also has the shutter dogs and slide bolts.) The paint is Benjamin Moore, Soft Gloss exterior top of the line.

Let me know if there is any other information I can get for you. Make sure to post photo's when you get yours built.

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Just wanted to make sure you received the information I posted.

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Yes Brutuses I did and Thank You so much. Sorry about not getting back to you. We have seen the pine your talking about - your shutters are beautiful ... but we are hoping to use a cedar or red wood. We're told they would last much longer than the pine. The thickness of the wood is what we're having problems finding. Someone suggested we use cedar fence boards. I think we'll check into that this weekend.

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I'm sorry, I was going to recommend another wood especially if you don't have a porch to help protect the windows from the elements. Ours are far enough back under the porch roof that they will rarely ever experience rain and the only sun they get is about an hour in the afternoon. Some of the windows will not be protected by the porch but I guess we'll just see how brutual the weather is on them as time progresses and if they need to be changed. If so we'll go with something more durable. DH liked the tongue and groove on these as it matched the porch ceiling, so that's why he chose it.

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