Refrigerator fixed , what would you do?

haldAugust 12, 2012

We have a Kenmore elite french door refrigerator that is about 10 years old. We like it and would buy another, except for the warranty service we aren't sure about.

The fridge went on the blink and at the 2nd service call the repairman replaced the compressor. It has been running 24/7 since then, is cooling fine, but I'm worried because it never ran constantly 24/7 in all the time we've owned it.I'm worried the new compressor is a different brand or type and the energy star rating is now void. I'm sure my electric bill will be higher because of this.

I called the Sears warranty repair line. They said it's normal for a refrigerator to run constantly after getting a new compressor. I don't believe it. A brand new refrigerator doesn't run constantly, so why would a new compressor make it run constantly?

It seems like my choice boils down to selling this one, that has 2 years left on the warranty, and getting a new one. Or living with higher utility bills for the rest of the life of this fridge. The attitude of the warranty line person I talked to was they had fulfilled. their obligation

One last thought - though the fridge runs constantly, the temp inside stays at the proper point, so I'm thinking the new compressor is smaller or different than the original. Do you think I'm right? What would you do?

Thanks in advance.

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If the tech didn't put a full charge in the system after replacing the compressor it will cause the refrigerator to run 100%.
In general right after a big repair like this the refrigerator will seem like it's running 24/7 for the first day, after that the cooling should be balanced.
If the refrigerant charge is correct and the refrigerator is running 100% of the time everything in the refrigerator compartment would be frozen.
Hope this helps

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