calling all microwave drawer owners

mississippiroseAugust 11, 2009

I would like some input from those of you who have microwave drawers. What do you like/dislike? These are fairly new to the market. Sharp makes them all and Wolf and Decor mark them up with their brand names on them. I have reservations about the 6inch height for containers. My appliance repair people tell me NOT to get auto open/close doors since they get a lot of calls on them. You can get manual open/close which is fine for me. Thanks in advance. Carol

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I'd appreciate comments from users of the new, deeper Sharp 1.2 cu ft microwave drawer as well. I'm looking at the new design, but am unsure as I've seen some comments elsewhere that there are cabinet moisture issues caused by the vents being covered by the door.


Here is a link that might be useful: Sharp KB-6524

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I have had the sharp microwave drawer for over a year now, I have had no problems what so ever. I have the auto open and close and everyone who comes over plays with it continually and still no problems. As long as you let it open and close automatically and don't push it closed or pull it open, you should be fine. I don't cook anything large in any microwave, i just defrost and reheat and have not had any problems with size. When you put a big mug in there, it does look like it will not fit but it does. The best thing is that you are not reaching above a stove or wasting counter space with it. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it , and my husband can actually use it without my help!!!

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Are they more difficult to clean? I've seen them around, and the design appeals to me, but somehow the cleaning does not...

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They're not new to the market...they've been around for several years now. Sharp did come out with a new model this's slightly taller, has different glides that are supposed to make cleaning it easier, and expanded cooking choices...all in the same space as the older models.

There have been two other w/buttons to open/close and one w/manual open/close (& Melt & Soften buttons).

We've had ours for over a year and really like it; it's the one that's manual open/ just takes a slight pull to start it opening and a slight nudge to start it closing...the drawer does the actual opening and closing (w/soft-open & soft-close).

As to cleaning, yes it takes a little more effort b/c you have to lean over to peer inside, but it hasn't been that big a deal. MWs are actually one of the easiest things to clean. If something's stuck on it, just boil some water for a minute or two and it softens it up and then wipes clean easily (this applies to all MWs, not just drawers). I usually wipe down the top, back, & sides and then lean over to I said, it hasn't been much of an issue (even when my DS forgets to cover his cleans right up!)

Regarding things not fitting, the only things I've found that don't fit are the covers to my round Pyrex casserole dishes...but I just use wax paper instead to cover and no problems!

We did not have a place to put a MW in a tall cabinet & we did not want it on the counter. So, the only option was an under-the-counter location. Since we're a relatively tall family, we knew a standard MW mounted under the counter would not work for us, so that left the MW drawer...and we've been very happy with it. It actually cooks food better than our full-size Amana did. It also has a "Keep Warm" option, but I've found that it keeps cooking whatever it's keeping warm so I use our warming drawer instead for a warmer.

And yes, Sharp does make the Dacor MW drawer (they make all of Dacor's least all the ones I looked at!)

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buehl___Thank you for your answers to the many questions above. You covered them well and I appreciate your input. I am still undecided and it depends on where we will put a microwave. Have you had any "Cabinet moisture issues?" That is one thing I am concerned about as well. Thanks. Carol

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I would love to hear current reviews on microwave drawers. Any improvements or issues since 2009?


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