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acraftyladyMay 1, 2013

Can someone just tell me if these are the exact same tablets? I think they are but the big price difference makes we wonder. I realize sometimes things are usually higher on the manufacturers site but this is quite a difference.

My friend has an older nextbook without google play and I really like it so was thinking this would be good as it does all I want. The few times she has had to call them for support they were really helpfull so tech support seems good. Also can you download the apps to the memory card in the tablet or is it just internal storage for the apps? Mary

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Amazon reviews for that company's products are pretty poor and uncomplimentary. The low prices would seem to be a false economy.

You've heard the expression "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is". I think you'll ultimately be happier if you buy a brand that's known for its quality instead of one that's known only for its low price.

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Well I know my friend has a model without google play and I helped her set it up when she got it last year and I have used it a lot and she has no issues with it at all so I was going on that. Maybe she just got lucky and got a good model. I think she paid $200 or less for it. She skypes on it fine and since I belong to nextflix I downloaded it and watched a few shows and was just as good as when I watch on my kindle fire but this is someone that has never owned an Ipad or a more expensive tablet either.

The only downside is apps come from some other place and not google play and I wanted the google play store that this one has. I figure if it doesn't work right I can always return it. I love my kindle fire but since getting my new smart phone I have found apps in the google play store I can't get on my fire that I would like on a bigger screen. Mary

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I do not have any android devices, so I hesitate to comment on the tablets. However, the model numbers are different.

The Model No. at Walmart is: NEXT7P12-8G

There are two Model Nos. at manufacturer's site:
Model# NEXT7SE-GP (4GB)
Model# NEXT7SE-8G (8GB)

Walmart is very customer friendly. I believe that you would be able to purchase the cheaper one and try it at your home for a few days. That should tell you a lot.

The link below regards the one Walmart sells. There is a question about Netflix. Read through to the latest comment on 4-14-13.

Here is a link that might be useful: Netflix issues

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The fact that certain uses or apps work says nothing about component and manufacturing quality.

Google furnishes the Android operating systems to hardware companies for free, but withholds access to Google Play for devices (and producers) that don't agree to certain specs and standards. It's their way of insuring compatibility for apps.

Selling apps through Google Play is one of the main ways Google has to make money from Android, so the fact that they tell someone to take a hike says something. If they decide they want to have nothing to do with a particular product or manufacturer, I'd say that's good advice to follow.

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Well the one I want uses google play. I found a different brand I like for $150 that is 8 inches with bluetooth and google play. Talked to a friend that has that one that will let me come and play with it. But will have to wait until after my trip next weekend. Mary

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