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mystic_2008April 27, 2014

I have Windows 7 and I am having a time with writing something like an e-mail. I go along normally and find that the letters that I have been writing has gone to a different word that might be further up on what I am writing. Had a computer repair person in the other day and he said that perhaps I am leaning on the mouse. I have since tried to keep off it, but still the letters are showing up some place else. Has any one else had the same problem and if so what have you done so that it does not happen again..........Grace

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Newer keyboards have a pair of additional keys. These are between the CTRL and ALT keys. Watch out for these. Your cursor can get moved to unintended places if you accidently hit one of these keys. You can reset your cursor by moving the mouse pointer to the location where you want it and left click the mouse.

A different problem. Watch the posture of your hands and fingers. If you rest on the space bar or the tab, you can insert a bunch of spaces into your text

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