Wjo Dat in da Numbah today?

dlynn2February 7, 2010

Lawd, I'm in dat numbah today, and ready for dem Saints to go marching in! It's time for Mardi Gras in Miami. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

I spent all day yesterday decorating, then chaperoning a Middle School Valentine's Day dance. Now I can concentrate on the BIG game.

I've already got my cookies done (pictures coming soon), will get some pizza made soon (maybe some pictures), and some gumbo. I don't plan to leave my house today. At least 12 hours of TV watching.

And win or lose, we're proud of our Saints. Who Dat!!!

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OK, I'm still a die hard Pats lover but this year I'll throw in with the rest of you...

BTW, I saw that Who Dat Hurricane plotting chart on TWC...too funny!



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I'm in da numbah except I'm moving slowwww. The Mardi Gras Ball, last night, was waaaay to much fun. Feeling the effects today!

Gotta get busy and make my cookies.

Geaux Saints!

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Ok, I meant "who dat", not "wjo dat". I gotta calm down and stop trying to do too many things at once. I was typing that on the laptop while watchin ESPN on TV and listening to live streaming of New Orleans news --- all in the dark while DH snores next to me in the bed.

DH is moving slow today, too Karen. But I bet you had a lot more fun last night than we did. When we do the middle school dances we are the first to arrive and the last to leave, but I feel more like the "hired help" than a party goer! I'm in charge of all of the food, decorating, cleaning up, and locking the doors.

Today is all about football, food, and celebrating -- Win or lose -- it's going to be a great day!

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LOL dlynn see, you CAN multiplex!

Gonna post pix soon of my cookies, join my thread!

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Off to a party here.


I am wearing my Vikings sweatshirt though...LOLOLOLOL!


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One of my cousin's went to mass this morning at St. Louis Cathedral. Here's what she said about it:

"9 oclock mass at St. Louis Cathedral consisted of a "Who Dat" after homily. "Oh when the Saints go marching in" recessional song and the priest took off his robes to reveal a Drew Brees jersey! Haha! Saints Nation baby!"

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Who dat? You dat!

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Congratulations from Chicago!

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I'm still numb!

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Congratulations! We just got home and I was sure I could hear Dlynn chanting, singing and cheering all the way in Parker, CO (about 100 miles away from where she is) where we were watching the game with 14 family members at our DS and DIL's house. Only two of the group were cheering for the Colts and the rest of us definitely outcheered them.

Max won the family football pool.


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As the front page on NOLA.com says.. WHO DAT? NOBODY! lol.. we cried so much during the game every time something emotional happened. Christy and her sister kept calling back and forth until the game was over, then the phones were so jammed it took an hour before she could call us again. Christy's Mama was very excited and we all wished Christy's Daddy and his brother Earl could have been alive to see it. Awesome night!
The cat kept freaking out when Christy would yell and she'd go skittering off her lap..lol. Our dog just looked at us, wondering.

When the game was done Christy's sister and brother and their kids all went in their truck and joined all the other vehicles in an impromptu parade. Even the firetrucks were out in the parade running their sirens. Of course there were plenty of fireworks going too, they said it sounded like New Years!

Ahhh... the Saints won... so happy.

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Great game ! I was so happy for that wonderful young quarterback. Did you see him with his little boy. I cried!

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