ADVISE!!!! - Marker stain on Calacatta installed yesterday!

piscesgirlSeptember 14, 2013

We had our Calacatta vanity top yesterday. The installers apparently marked the back of the marble with X's in black marker on the side that needed a finished edge. Everything looked fine after install and we signed off (after some arguing/negotiation on price - see separate issues below) and then after they left we noticed where they ran the caulk that there is a purple stain where the marker has bled though the marble. The sidesplash has some slight rust marks that have also bled through (I guess from where they cut the stone), but I am not AS concerned with that as I am the marker stain. (see marker stain picture below)

We are not sure what to do at this point. We can continue to argue with the granite/marble company, but I am not sure what they will do for us at this point. I would love some advise on what course of action we should take.

We could ask they replace the backsplash, but it matches the vanity top that we love and was very hard to select.

We could ask that they try to fix the marble with some sort of poultice but my concern that getting it more wet might lead to more bleeding..making the stain worse.

Which leads to my third concern. I thought that if we can't make any headway with the granite/marble shop we may just be able to "cover" the mark up with some sort of paint or something, but I am concerned that since it is a backplash if it gets wet the marker may bleed through more or in other spots where there is an X (which I can't see but assume they are along the top edge). Could this happen? Even if we seal the marble very well?

I am at a loss on what to do. Again I am not sure what the company will do for us because they have all our money, we signed off (even though they did give us paperwork that says we have 30 days to dispute issues). Not to mention I am tired of battling with them.

We have had nothing but issues every step of the way with the granite/marble company we selected. They are a large company in our area and they do all of Home Depot's stone so we thought they were a reputable company. However we found out they are in Chapter 11, which was declared after they had our non-refundable deposit.

1) they lost our slab we paid a deposit on to hold so we had to select a new slab

2) the person they sent to template only used a measuring tape, said all our walls were plumb (they are not), and that they could do a backsplash with decorative edge and curved cuts (apparently they couldn't do what he said). We ended having to take another day off of work so they could come out and template a 2nd time (wood template) and we went with a simpler backsplash design (no special curve cuts)

3) They came to deliver the slab and it had a chip in the side so they had to take it back to the shop and "patch" it. We can see where the repair was made, but they did a decent job and it blends well, and again....we love the we accepted it as it was something only we would ever notice.

When it came time for final payment they wanted us to pay a balance due off of an incorrect measurement, so we then had to argue what the correct square footage was. Then we asked for them to offer us some sort of discount for all our troubles. Accounting said a manager would call us back the next day to discuss and resolve the bill. Then when the installer called in he said the office said if they didn't have payment that moment they would rip it all out. So we then had to call back and argue with them some more since they JUST told us that it would be resolved the next day. The entire process was just horrible. They ended up giving us another $125 off and we wanted to be done with them, so we paid and then...well we noticed the marker bleeding through.

Everyone here on the forums have provided us with great advise so I would love to hear what you would do in this situation.

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Here is a thread I came across. It involves flour and hydrogen peroxide. Read the directions on this thread. Could it hurt the stone? I don't know but see if there are other threads to back this claim up.

Here is a link that might be useful: ink removal thread I found

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Talked to the installer. They were actually really good about it. Said they would take it out and treat the stone with a poumice called Manja Manja? Said they will treat get rid of every X along the back and make it right. Said if it doesn't work they will replace the stone backsplash as a last resort.

Fingers crossed it works out and they can get it out without damaging the stone any further.

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Good, good.

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Good for you....that would have bothered me every time I looked at it.

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So they just took out the marble today and broke the sidesplash. That was exactly what we wanted to avoid. Now we have to see if they can match up another piece. Ugh...the saga continues.

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Well...too late.

I was going to advise you be done with them and simply use a poultice to treat the back splash without removing it.

They're referring to "Mangia Macchia", a poultice. I'm shocked they didn't try to treat it in place before resorting to removing it.

Good luck with it all.

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Since they're going to go with a different slab, I'd see if they can find a 2cm piece to get you a thinner backsplash. It'll take up less visual and actual space and make cleaning behind your faucet knobs easier. For what it's worth, it doesn't seem from the picture like they matched the veining in the original fabrication and install so switching to another slab isn't likely to result in too much of a difference since you're going back to the same supplier.

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