miele induction - two elements combine in canadian version???

housebuilder14August 11, 2014

so i was on the Canadian site of miele by accident and they have this great induction cooktop where two elements can be combined. i was very disappointed when i realized it is not available in US. Does anyone know if its coming to the US????
Thank you!!!!

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Supposedly it is the 6000 series. And yes reported to be coming to the US. 'When?' is another matter. I can not find out any official details yet. Miele is notorious for not letting out any info until they are good and ready and have a few items in stock. Like the very recent 6000 series of their entire line of wall ovens, warming drawers and coffee systems. Their entire collection will eventually include the 6000 series in each category from what I was told. Maybe look for sales of their current line like they did their ovens of the 4000 series before the 6000 was officially announced?

I attended a Miele cooking demonstration about a month ago in a Dallas showroom and was told by the Miele Regional Manager that their ranges (yes introducing ranges for the first time!) are going to be released any time now. The Dallas Miele showroom was even expecting their 48" dual fuel range at the end of July. Well that was pushed back to sometime in September. I asked specifically about the new 6000 series induction cooktop and he said a release date was not even hinted about yet (ranges first maybe?), but it will be "sometime". By the way, along with the 48" range I mentioned they are supposedly including a 36" dual fuel AND a 30" Induction Range.

So I have no idea of when it will arrive but maybe sometime towards the end of the year or beginning of the next? I hope we will find out sooner than later. I'm looking at that myself and trying to finalize my selections. I know the side hobs of the 36" 6000 induction are a flex double zone, what they call 'Power Flex' but don't know if the center has a flex zone or if it is a standard fixed one. I have not looked at the Canadian site but might check it out.

I know that frequently Miele has many other styles and models that are only available in other countries and not available here. But I have hopes their induction cooktop will be because it is pictured in their brand new US series 6000 brochure, or at least part of it, it seems, on page 49. Here's hoping. If anyone else knows anything different or knows of specifics, I'd be very interested as well.

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thank you

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I have on order the Gen 6k speed oven and 30" oven for my new kitchen. We are holding out on the cooktop till the very last minute. All we were able to get from Miele was the release would be possibly in the 4th qtr.

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I was excited until I looked at the hob layout. I am going to stick to the standard 30". Rats! I was excited to pull my cast iron griddle out!

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whats wrong with the hob layout?

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Yeah gothaml, what is the hob arrangement that won't work for you? I have seen glimpses of what I'm assuming is the US 6000 model, but have not seen enough to know what the arrangement actually IS much less to know if it would work or not for me. In fact, I'd love any details on it to see if it's justified or not to hold up the progress of my kitchen to wait in this model, or not.

If you have seen pictures or specs on this, please share. And I'm curious why it won't work for you too. Is this shown on the Canadian site perhaps? I have not had the chance to review that yet.

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The link below is the the burners on the Miele Canada site. I assume this is the 6000 series that will show up in the US.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Canada Induction

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I feel like it reduces the amount of space you can use. I suppose you could put two smaller pots side by side on the right rear part of the cooktop, but I would prefer to have a little more space between the pots. It feels like the front right area is a waste of space.

I picked the miele 30" over the wolf because of the hob layout better. I like the bigger hob at the front where I would likely do most of my cooking, the smaller hob to the right if I am making a sauce that needs careful attention and the jobs in the back for veggies or a side dish that can be left to cook like rice.

When I visualize myself cooking at the 6000 with the bridge it seems cramped on the right side of the cooktop, bad flow.

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