Narrow Bathtub (~27-28' width)?

katalaseSeptember 3, 2007

Has anyone come across a good quality (preferably not porcelain over steel) tub? The house we're going to remodel in a few months currently has a narrow bathtub (probably 28") that's 5' in length. The narrowest 5' tubs I've come across so far are about 30", and we probably don't have the 2" to spare..

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I ordered the Porcher Ardennes bathing pool. It's cast iron and is not meant for a shower. I am putting in a universal tile flange kit so I can use it to shower. It is 27" wide. It is being discontinued so hurry if you want to order it.

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Sunrise Specialty also has one that is 27.5 inches wide, but it is enameled cast iron. It is narrow, but can be used for a shower. My teenage daughters are comfortable showering in it, but my husband is not. It is quite deep though, which is why we got it. It has 14" water depth. As I recall, their prices are reasonable, but their shipping is not. So make sure you get the shipping costs before you order.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sunrise Specialty

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I'm reviving this thread because I, also, need a very narrow 5" tub. The space I have is almost 29" wide. I need a tub/shower combination, and I know that the Ardennes does not have a built-in flange.

I hope you see this, Donna. I have seen your bathroom thread. I love your bathroom, and I see that you used a universal tile flange with the Ardennes. Does this work well? I know that you do not use the shower much. I'm also worried about the sloping sides and very narrow bottom. Is it possible to take a shower comfortably? We will be using the shower much more than the tub.

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bump - would love some ideas

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No ideas to add, but we gave up on the tub idea and are doing a shower only.

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The only other tub I have been able to find that fits this size is made by Oceania. If I ever get around to starting my bathroom remodel it is the tub I was planning on using. Very deep (17.5 inches to overflow), made of high quality acrylic, integrated tile flange, and available without jets/bells/whistles. The price I was quoted was approx $800 about a year ago.

Please keep us updated if you make a decision!

Here is a link that might be useful: Oceania Unity 28

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My original tub was 60x27(ish) I did a 60x30 tub by Maxx--the Maax Modest. It's an acrylic tub. It really measured at 60x29 though. My contractors had to do a tiny bit of work, but it fit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Maax Modest

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