cost to remove & reset toilet for tile work - what is typical?

kaysdSeptember 25, 2012

What is a typical price to remove and reset an existing toilet so the bathroom floor can be tiled? We are in So Cal. if it makes a difference. GC wants to charge $175 in addition to price we agreed to for tile install. That seems high to me, but maybe I am underestimating the amount of work involved.

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Sophie Wheeler

It's two trips for the plumber. That alone is right around $150-$200 by itself in most locations. Add in the parts (I'm assuming that the pipe is being extended due to adding the additional height to the floor with the tile) and your quote is probably low for an actual plumber to be performing the work. If the GC is performing the work, and he'll already be on site supervising the tile installation, then it's probably a tad high, but not by much.

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Thanks for replying, Hollysprings. This work is part of a major house remodel, so the plumber is already coming to our house multiple times. I don't know if the pipe has to be extended or not. They are removing the existing porcelain tile and replacing it with new porcelain tile -- any height difference should be minimal.

At any rate, good to know the price doesn't seem outrageous. We keep getting hit with these little upcharges.

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I think that's outrageous. If I were you, I'd take 10 minutes, google "toilet install" and learn how to do it yourself. It's a VERY simple thing to do, and costs

Here is a link that might be useful: video on replacing toilet

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$10 for a wax ring..are you crazy,,,,As a plumber I buy them all the time for $1 to $1.50

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My contractor, who seems very reasonably priced, was bidding $65 to remove the toilet and probably the same to re-install. I removed it myself - it's incredibly easy, and will leave it to him to re-install it so I don't mess up the new floor tile. Maybe your guy would drop the price if you remove it; that's definitely not a job that requires a professional!

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