opinions on carpet cleaning machines?

phrogAugust 29, 2012

I have a Hoover Steamvac with clean water tank I've replaced 3 times in about 6 years. This part seems designed to leak and need replacing, so I suppose it's a profit center for Hoover.

I've been looking for something more durable, but all the brands I can find that don't seem cheaply made are commercial cleaners for about 10x the cost.

Should I just consider non-pro machines to have disposable parts, or is there one that will be durable for several years?

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Mine hasn't needed any replacemant parts. It is twenty or so.

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Sherrie Moore

I have a Hoover Steamvac as well. This is my second. It is now about 7 years old and is leaking. I need to replace. Don't have any suggestions on a better model. Wish it would last longer, but feels it cleans well for a home use cleaner.

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If I can't get a pump for my green machine I will be looking for a carpet cleaner as well. We mostly have hardwood but some bedrooms still in carpet. We have allergies as well so use very limited detergents. I might be tempted just rent a commercial unit from our local mom and pop rental place. They are pretty inexpensive and I don't have to store it. I like the kind with the wand though instead of an upright.

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I figure that buying one of these cheaply made machines, vs renting, I reach break-even at about 6-8 uses, or 3-4 years if it'll hold together that long. It just bothers me that I can't pay a reasonable amount more for something well made.

Dan, 20 years ago the Hoover brand probably = quality.

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The difference is you are using a much better machine while renting, but it can be inconvenient to have to go get it.

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Wekick, the interesting thing is that the typical rental around here is a Rug Doctor, and RD also makes a retail version for about $350 -- but even that has been criticized by owners as poorly made. I guess the rental units are built for more abuse.

I wonder if used rental units are ever offered for sale...

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