AEG cooktop repair

dccnmAugust 16, 2013

My beloved AEG 88100k (installed in 2004) won't turn on today. No lights. I checked the power source--wires are getting electricity to the unit. Made certain the lock button wasn't on and the power button was on. (As much as one can when there are no lights). Anyway, does anyone know if I can get an authorized repair person in CT? I can't tell you how much I love this cooktop....:-(

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So sad.....I spent the day dealing with this. The Canadian company we purchased it from suggested we find a Bosch or Miele service company and see if they would be willing to come evaluate it. Took many phone calls until one would agree but as I told him the symptoms, he said it sounded like the "mother board" equivalent and that I should first see what the cost of the part would be.

Called Canada back (why aren't people in the US this nice???) and learned that:

1. the Canadian service guy agreed with the likely diagnosis
2. the part may not even be obtainable
3. it would cost nearly $1400!

The service guy said these cooktops almost never need repair after only 9 years and that the new ones are better (of course) and also have less expensive parts. He wasn't the sales person but clearly thought another AEG would be the way to go.

As I said, I LOVE my AEG, but there now are other induction cooktops available in the US. Anyone care to weigh in? Certainly being confronted with it taking a day to even get someone to agree to come look at it is sobering. If I buy one here at least it can get serviced.


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Sorry to hear the bad news. I would be reluctant to spend $1,400 to fix a 9 year old appliance, If you can get a repair person to come over and look at it for about $100 or so, that might be worth it on the off chance he finds some loose wire or something easy. Otherwise, I think you need to start looking for new.

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No, I agree. No repair. I have to get a new cooktop. The delimma is, what brand? Now that there are many available in the US it seems to make the most sense to purchase one that can be serviced here. Now on to research!

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If you need a control board out of warranty , then no matter the brand you pick - it'll be BIG $$$.

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