Help I need help fixing a Plug In.

goldyApril 15, 2013

key board gone crazy is

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C'mon Goldy. You know we need a bit more info than that to be of any help.

Shut the computer down and then restart to see if that fixes it

If a plug in make sure the plug is firmly in place

If battery operated remove the battery and rub both ends vigorously or replace batteries

If WiFi with a separate semsor check the light is on if it has one.

Fixed yet?

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Plug in not wall socket.

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I realise your keyboard would not plug in the wall. However it might have a PS2 round connector, a rectangular USB connector, both of which would plug in the rear of your tower, or it might be wireless with or without batteries.

Did you try any of the suggestions I made?

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Could you mean Firefox Plug-in--like adblock for example?

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