Windows Live Mail ?

grandmsApril 15, 2013

I use WLM on my Windows 7 computer. Tonight I got a message that I was working offline and did I want to go online. I had to click "work online" twice before it "took". Investigating why I was working offline, I noticed a check beside "work offline" in the list under FILE. I tried to remove the check mark by clicking but cannot. How can I remove this so that I don't have to manually click to go online each time I open Windows Live Mail?

Also, there is a yellow triangle with exclamation mark beside "check for new messages". What can I do about this happening. I guess it happens when the WLM goes offline on me.

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See if there is anything here that helps at the link,


Here is a link that might be useful: windows-live-mail-is-stuck

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Well, Joe, today the check mark is gone and I can stay online while using my mail program. I have no idea how this happened to begin with, nor do I have any idea how it corrected itself. Just glad it's working again. And, I did reboot several times, too.

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After reading the link provided, I have come to the conclusion that the update to IE10 caused the problem. Anyway, I'm glad it's solved.

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