Floor Model Ikea Appliances won't heat up: Demo mode?

jpherronAugust 27, 2012

2 months ago, we bought a set of Ikea Nutid appliances (24" oven, 30" oven, induction cooktop, microwave) that were taken out of their displays when they were remodeling them. we finally had the ovens and microwave hooked up in the new kitchen a few days ago, and all 3 are exhibiting odd behavior.

They all seem to work fine, clocks are working, fans and lights work when you start them, mw turntable turns, etc. EXCEPT that they don't heat anything!

I've opened the access panels on the ovens and didn't see anything obviously unplugged. I also called the Ikea store to ask if they might have some kind of demo mode that lets them be turned on in the store without burning anyone. But the store (west chester, OH) claims there's no such mode on these, and I need to call Whirlpool to repair them.

I find it extremely unlikely that all three would be defective in this one unlikely way. Before I call Whirlpool and wait for a repairman, does anyone here know of some kind of setting on these I might be missing?

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are you certain that you don't have a household power supply problem? Electric ovens require 240 volts. Are they connected to your electrical connections according to the installation instructions?

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Appliances installed in vignettes except for refrigerators aren't even hooked up electrically. Sounds more like an electrical problem. Are you sure you have the right voltage run to these? A new 4 wire 220 circuit of the correct wire size for each? Or hardwired them correctly? Or attached the plug and used the correct socket correctly?

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I had an electrician hook up the ovens, because I needed a new circuit for one of them. The 24" re-used a previous wall oven circuit, but the 30" required a new run. Both are 8 gauge 240V runs, which I assume are connected correctly, though I can get out the old multimeter tonight to make sure. I know from opening them up that all the wires are definitely connected.

The microwave is just re-using an existing outlet for the previous microwave. It seems odd that I'd have 2 ovens miswired and a microwave that's faulty, but I suppose there may not be an non-odd possibilities here?

I can't say I remember seeing whether Ikea had working appliances in store or not, but a store mode seemed to fit the description for what other brands have.

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First check: Are your ovens and cooktop on three separate double circuit breakers? Or even six single CBs?

Is the cooktop working OK?

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Thanks for the help. The cooktop isn't hooked up yet, since the countertop isn't in yet. But all three are on separate 240V runs (3 double breakers). The cooktop and the smaller oven are re-using the runs that were there for the old cooktop and wall oven. the larger oven is the new run from the electrician.

Now, to find that multimeter...

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Be careful when you find the multimeter, a "Lil slip" and your "Hairstyle" could change "DRASTICALLY"!!!!!!!

Also Be sure multimeter is on the AC voltage scale. Too many people have "measured the resistance of Bolder Dam" here in Calif, and the reading is always the same---"one heck of a lotta smoke" + a trip to buy a new multimeter!!!!!


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I've gotten it about 90% fixed! It wasn't a store "mode" exactly, but the appliances all had things disconnected. The 2 ovens had the coils disconnected, and the magnetron in the microwave was also disconnected. I attached pics showing the parts that I found. The 30" oven and microwave were straightforward, because they were simple harnesses. but the 24" oven is another matter. There are 10 separate spade connectors, and I don't know which wires to connect to which. see the linked photo set for pics.

Is there a way to figure this out without a whirlpool service visit?

Here is a link that might be useful: disconnected appliance pics

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The first thing I would do is write down exactly what you have found. Do not apply power.
Then I would phone Whirlpool and tell them what has transpired and get ironclad assurance from them that your warranty completely covers you for the necessary tech visit(s) to hook up and test everything.
If they aren't willing to do that I would think you have a major beef with IKEA for selling you unfit merchandise.

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got things back to working, and got whirlpool rep to say that it shouldn't void any warranty to reconnect things, since I wouldn't be altering it. Let's hope that sticks.

For reference, I had to use the attached wiring diagram to get the oven working

Here is a link that might be useful: ikea wiring diagrams

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Interesting that someone would go in and pull the plugs like that.

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Maybe it's just b/c I'm from NYC that I'm thinking - get it in writing from Whirlpool. But in case....

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Ikea appliances come with a five year warranty. You should be checking with Ikea.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea warranty

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i also think i would lean on the Ikea people, who will normally all try to help you.

Whirlpool can give you a wiring diagram.

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