Files missing from folders in "my documents"

shaddy101April 15, 2013

I swear I have the computer from Hedoubletoothpicks!
I go to all the trouble of making up folders, put files inside, and then come to search for them, the folder is empty. This happens in the document area, and if I keep them on the desktop in folders, they are available. The desktop is getting a little crowded, and I am getting more and more nervous about the losses, not that the end of the world will occur, but lots of work has gone into the making of the documents, and all for naught.
I checked my XHD, nothing shows there, also googled and the language used is sometimes over my head, can someone lead me in the right direction?
W7 is gonna be the death of me yet.
This machine was built, not a name brand purchase from the store. Otherwise, think I am getting the hang of the OS finally, and my dummies book is getting a workout. Someone have a clue? All files are in pdf format.

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You might try this recovery, then scroll down. He said desktop is only for shortcuts. I didn't now that, interesting.

Here is a link that might be useful: This may help

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Shaddy as you have Windows 7 you should see a yellow folder on the taskbar beside the Start button. This is your file cabinet or Windows Explorer to be exact. There is no need to clutter up your desktop, simply click that folder and all your folders appear., You might find this so much easier than using the desktop as storage.

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Finally back online, tech took machine back and rebuilt, as we read googling that indeed the machines sometimes do eat up the files from folders, go figger. The only way I could save from being eaten was put on the desktop, and am still going with that format til I know for sure it doesn't happen again. What do you think could have been the problem? The tech said he did a lot of research, went to his gurus etc., and found no real answers, and when I did google, I didn't understand the lingo much myself, but then, am not literate about the machines anyway.
I am currently in the process of getting reacquainted with my machine, had just gotten some comfy with it, and will not in the future be adding much extra til I know for sure things are right and proper with it to begin with.
Was mentioned there is a free program out there that would sort of "freeze" my machine, and allow me to try some programs/addons before I really decided to install and use, does anyone know of this? I have undone any of the extra things I added to the mix, and gradually will seek things out again, but thank you all for your help and support this has been somewhat of an experience for me, hope it doesn't happen to anyone else.
Name that free program if you can, and let me know where I might find info on it. tech couldn't remember the name, tho he has used it with some success. Especially for parents whose kiddos like to install things and shouldn't.
Thanks owbist, you always are so calm and collected with all the info you give out, are you a tech behind the scenes?

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There is a program called Deep Freeze ... that I run into sometimes. Oh man I hate that program .. its pass worded and Hidden. After I fix the computer and reboot.. all my efforts disappear. And usually the owner doesn't know the password once I figure it out. It always rebuilds the partition to exactly how it was at reboot... unless you have the password and tell it to allow changes.

Toolwiz has a simple program to freeze new installs but you have to remember to turn it on and off. I tried it once.. there was something about the uninstall or install that's special... so pay attention and read.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Oh Thank You! I am not crazy!!
I lost many of mine also....!
I KNOW I put them in a file!
Have done this also with pictures on the phone...never to see them again :((

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I have W 7 and put recycle, my computer and documents on my desk top. I go to start, right click on documents and send to desktop. All of my "stuff" go in there and have never lost anything. Those are the only folders on my desktop. I don't use the libraries at all. By not having folders on my desk top I can do this.

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