Why do all the speed oven and micro/conv have such low wattage

Laura_PAAugust 25, 2012

On the microwave? Most of them seem to be 900-950. We got so fed up with our old OTR microwave that we bought a countertop Panasonic inverter that is 1300 watts and we love it. The thought of going back to 900 watts makes me sad.

I have been back and forth about what to do. I'd like the advantium but not the GE convection oven, so I was thinking possibly electrolux wall oven with Advantium. Then I was thinking maybe just the electrolux combo oven+speed cook.

But I can't see giving up my 1300 microwave. Should I build a shelf for it? And maybe get regular double ovens? Or still the advantium? I love the idea of having 2 ovens so I don't want to go for just a single wall oven. And I don't want the micro on the counter, but I don't know where I will put it that will still look good. Under the island? (doing a full remodel and haven't ordered cabinets yet).

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I wondered about the same thing before I got the 240V Advantium. But after using it for almost a year now, I think the 950W is enough. One of the things I noticed about the oven is that it has a very good sensor in it. I can just select the reheat plate of food feature, for example, and the MW will just stop on its own. It has been very accurate each time. It does the same for popcorn. There are also some items that required more MW wattage for the browning plate or packaging to work, like frozen burritos, pizzas, pockets, pasty and the like. These items come out better in the speedoven without the browning material. I don't miss the extra wattage.

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