microwave drawer or??

maylenewAugust 25, 2011

Hi all. I've decided that the best place for a microwave in our new kitchen will be in the island. So I'm trying to decide on either a microwave drawer (most likely a Sharp) or a built-in model, with a pull down handle (like an oven--haven't decided on brand). I'd love any feedback. Thanks.

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We debated on this also with our recent remodel. Though we really liked the MW drawer I could not justify the cost of it so we went with a basic table top SS and had it built into our penninsiula. $100 vs $1,000 so used extra $900 on other things.

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The $$$ have definitely been part of our discussion. We've thought about building in the counter-top model, but we're wondering if the access will feel too low. Have you minded its placement?

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I'm about 5'8" on a good day and have used regular doored MWs placed under counter. I find them awkward to use. Too much bending for me. We're getting a Sharp drawer for the new kitchen. I've never used one, but I have to believe it's better than countertop model.

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Thanks breezygirl. Even though I'm only 5'4" I was worried about the constant bending. Let me know what model you decide on!

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I'm getting the Sharp 24"KB6524PS. IIRC, there are two 24" models. This is the one with slightly larger capacity.

I need to get it ordered as the rest of my appliances are here already. Cabs won't be installed for another month or so, but still....

I've read many threads on MW drawers and regular MWs placed under-counter both here and in the Kitchens forum. Some say they have no problem with the bending and squatting with the regular UC MW. I guess it depends on how often you use a MW, how fast you move in the kitchen, and your tolerance for annoying things. I don't use the MW except for reheating; I move very fast; and I have zero tolerance. Drawer for me!

I don't think I've read anyone regretting a drawer. Too bad they're $$!

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Here's a current MW drawer thread from the Kitchens Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchens thread on MW drawers

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I saw one on display, but still felt that it was a bit low. For those that are about 5'5" tall, what would be the ideal height for the drawer? We would be stacking it under a Gaggenau combi oven, so it doesn't have to be quite down to standard counter height.

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The microwave drawer was one of the best decisions we made in our kitchen remodel 4 years ago. It gets used multiple times every day and I appreciate its convenience.

I did not want to lift hot dishes down from an over-the-stove style, and I did not want to sacrifice any counter space. Placing it under the counter was a perfect solution.

We did not want to put a regular MW under the counter because I did not want to bend down to reach things inside. With the drawer, I can easily lift the lid of a dish, stir and resume cooking. It is easy to lift things out to place directly onto the counter above.

It is also very easy to wipe out if there are any spills. I usually use a plastic dome for dishes that do not have a cover. It allows steam to vent but prevents splashing onto the inside ceiling of the drawer. Looks as good as new after 4 years of daily use.

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Ikea has built-in microwaves, with swing-down doors. They are expensive. I guess that means they're good quality.

I don't know if Ikea sells many of them.

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BreezyGirl said: "I move very fast; and I have zero tolerance"

Welcome back Breezy!

Just bear in mind that the Sharp drawer is motorized; it takes its own sweet time to move in and out (to avoid slopping the contents of dishes with sudden movements). If you went with the other model, which (I believe) has a manual drawer, you'd need to be careful about the slopping thing on occasion, but many dishes would survive a more fast and intolerant approach.

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The Ikea units may be good quality (no idea), but they only put out 800 watts -- pretty low by today's standards.

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Late in responding but after having the counter top one built in for a few months the height has not been an issue for us and I am 5'8" and husband is 6' 1"

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sskit...that's what I was wondering...about my husband's height. He's 6'2" and uses the microwave pretty frequently AND he's a fellow can be resistant to changes! ;-) If I were to move the microwave into the island, however, I would be able to regain the space over the oven and I could get my double oven.

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