Lost Video

mxyplxApril 10, 2012

I deleted a bunch of videos and after some time (months?) used Recuva and got em back except one that was quite large (17 minutes) and I believe was well over 1 gig. Never found it or even an overwritten file that was anywhere near that big that it might've used to be. I used Recuva in deep scan mode a couple times and also tried Diskdigger - same result. I searched (with Recuva) my external drive and my thumb drives too . Also searched on board for big files thinking it may not have gotten deleted but had the file extension changed and still be floating around. No files that big.

Well I can live w/o it but sure am curious what could have happened? Do the bigger files get broken up during deletion? Where could it have goed?

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The file may have been written over.

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A GB file is really a very large file to be overwritten, but of course that would depend on the system use, size of the H/D, and the location of the file. I am wondering about the file itself. When the system overwrites the file's space on the H/D is it byte for byte, or when any portion of the file is overwritten does the entire file shall we say dissolve?

This would require a system engineer to answer with certainty.


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