Windows 8, Defrag and Disk Check, how

jerry_njApril 5, 2013

With Windows 7 and XP I made use of "My Computer" and "C" from the File Manager (Windows Explorer) to find information on my computer hardware and operating system via a right click on "my computer" and I gained access to tools such as defrag and disk check via a right click on "C".

In Windows 8 I find a right click on "computer" yields the computer information I"d expect to see, but right click on the "C" drive goes into a long wait and doesn't return. I have not waited more than a minute or two before giving up.

Does W8 not provide HDD tools val the right click on the "C" drive as displayed by the File Manager?

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Try this Jerry.

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It's still there on Properties by right clicking C drive like previous versions of windows.. but it does seem to be slower to clean. Defrag & weak Error Checking and on Tools tab. On a new computer running the system cleanup and more/shadow copy clean is probably helpful after its a week old.

Better error checking is from a Command Window (admin) chkdsk /f

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I hate it when they (MS) do that! Seems a favorite intelligence test they subject users too - keep them challenged.


That'sf the windows properties tool I was looking for. Now I'm worried there is something wrong with my new computer, as I posted when I right click "C" - actually called "Gateway(C)" which must be a result of me naming the drive during initialization, could that be a problem? Yes, I can "rename it" if is isn't a some deeper OS level. I have right clicked that drive and the wait is very long or it doesn't work.

As in Windows 7, "My Computer" is just "Computer" or I'm over looking something.

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You can name the drive whatever you wish. Note Mikie has Win8Pro. Perhaps he has a second hard drive in there.

Mine is called Seagate and the reason is simple. I once had 2 drives on here similar in size so to separate them I used Seagate and Maxtor.

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I just have the one drive.. slow laptop drive.

Disk Cleanup is in Control Panel / Administrator tools too.

Or you can get fancy from Command Prompt (admin)
cleanmgr /TuneUp:101
check all the boxes you like then run
cleanMgr c:

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Just poking around in File Manager and the only icon that responds to right/click=properties is "computer". It appears MS has reduced the right click for properties as a use for all tool. I can't figure why.

Slight diversion, I have started using my laptop computers as a laptop, not as desk top with remote keyboard and display. I now find that when typing, such as now, the display will suddenly transfer to another site/display. Or, the (just now it happened) I will suddenly find the typing has either stopped, or transfered to some other location on the message field.

What's up, am I touching the touch pad with my hands, which are poised just above the pad? Makes me wonder if I can turn the touch pad off, and use a wireless mouse and not have trouble with interrupts springing up while I type.

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I went to a wireless mouse. Single AA battery type. Microsoft 3500. has a switch on the bottom that I never switch off ,. battery lasts about 2 weeks on a charge. Using some old Camedia nimh must be ten years old and still work better than new everyeady long shelf life ones. All are cold weather sensitive .. and I'm in florida.

Should have a key press combo to disable the touchpad, mines Fn+F6 ,,,, or if Synaptics in the Mouse settings is a disable button for the touchpad.

Are you logged in as an user/admin account ? Properties on the Drives and Folders should work.. if not maybe try to run a couple scans. from the Command Prompt (admin)
SFC /ScanNow
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

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