Is this phishing???

abreezeApril 25, 2014

I recently purchased a tablet from Walmart online and bought the 2 yr. insurance plan offered at checkout. I was shocked to find two emails from: 1.McAfee Mobile Security & 2.subscriptions@mcafee. I opened the second one (wrong to do???) which said:

Dear (my name),
Thank you for your recent SquareTrade protection plan purchase. You should have received an email from McAfee with a link and instructions to download the product onto your
mobile device. Please check your SPAM folder in case you did not receive this email in your inbox and add to your address book in order to receive future email notifications from us in your inbox.
Accessing Your McAfee Mobile Security Account
You can manage your backup/lock/wipe features on the web via the McAfee Mobile Security web portal after you activate and register the product:

1. Download McAfee Mobile Security onto your mobile device and activate the product by accepting the end user agreement and registering with McAfee. You should have received
instructions for this in a previous email titled "Your McAfee Mobile Security info from SquareTrade".
2. Go to
3. Enter your email address and password.
4. Click Sign In.

Further details of your subscription appear below. We suggest you keep this email for future reference.
McAfee, Inc.
McAfee Mobile Security Information
Name: (my name)
Email: (my email)
Password: (my landline tel#)

I was so shocked that I replied to this email and said that I was unaware of purchasing anything from Square Trade. Have I opened myself up to an attack?

Thanks for your help.

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Nothing to be concerned about.

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If you were to Google...squaretrade'd see enough info to see that Squaretrade is the warranty and since you did make a purchase of a tablet, I think it is legit and not a phishing attempt. Walmart obviously has your email address since you purchased it online and they passed it along to Squaretrade. What I get out of this , however, is that even though your PAID FOR A WARRANTY you don't HAVE A WARRANTY until you download and install their software. If this was not clear to you at time of purchase, maybe you can dispute the charge if you want to. My experience is that extended warranties are more often than not useless...but to each his/her own.

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This was a refurb purchase. At checkout I opted for a 2 year warranty, but it didn't state that it was with Square Trade. It simply said Our Care Plan. Since posting here, I did some research and learned that Square Trade is named as the insurer when purchasing a NEW product. It turns out that Square Trade is the Our Care Plan.

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