Odd V-Day buffet

party_music50February 15, 2014

This was such an odd experience for me that I'm wondering what others think.

One of the nicer local restaurants advertised a Valentine's dinner buffet ($25/pp) so I got reservations and went with friends... 4 total. When we arrived we were sent upstairs and told that "everything is set up for you". Once upstairs we were shown to our table, so we sat and waited for a waitress to come and take our drink order.

That's were it got really strange! we waited and waited... but there weren't any wait-staff to be seen! Eventually I asked someone at the table next to us and was told that we should just serve ourselves. We were told there was a temporary bar set up, so we headed there... had to wait for someone to show up and then learn that they had limited drink availability. She said they'd put the drinks on our bill....

We went to the buffet setup and upon returning to our table we saw the only waitress of the evening... she immediately brought us a bill for someone else's table of 6. After waiting and again seeing no wait-staff, I left my dinner and went in search of someone to give them the bill that should have gone to someone else.

Want water? find it and get it yourself. Another drink? get it yourself. I heard there was coffee somewhere, but never saw it. Plates cleared from the table? no -- unless you found a place to put them yourself! And finally, do you want your check? good luck finding someone to give us a tally!!! and then we had to find someone to pay it! We all knew we could have walked out without paying a dime and NOBODY would have known the difference.

I had been to a lunch buffet at this restaurant recently and it was a wonderful buffet with excellent full service. Last night's food was good, but their dessert table wasn't up to their usual standards. And, quite frankly, everything was rather messy because with the self-serve situation not many people cared how they left the presentation for others. :p

SO... after all of that, what would YOU do about leaving a tip?!

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I wouldn't leave a tip.....for what? no service? no checking back to see if you needed anything? $25pp? You could get better service in a fast food place. Even all-you-can-eat buffets have someone around to check on the buffet condition and replace items that are low. What if you had dropped your fork and needed a clean one?

Sounds like they wanted your $25 and thought putting out the food for you to serve yourself was good enough. IMO, it was not good enough for any restaurant that cares for their reputation.


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I agree, no tip. If I served myself, seated myself, found someone to pay myself and got my own drinks, it pretty much seems like I waited on myself. I'd give myself a nice tip, I guess.

That's very odd....


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I'm glad to know it's not just me that feels this way!

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That certainly is odd especially considering that you had a good experience previous to this. Can you say "Tripadvisor" review?

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I wouldn't leave a tip either, but I wonder if the restaurant had a slew of no show help (weather related, VD related or 3 day weekend or sickness related)?

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