How to right click on Windows8RT without a mouse?

southerncanuckApril 6, 2013

I got with the program and bought Asus Vivo Tab RT that comes with Windows8RT. Unfortunately I didn't know the difference between Windows 8 and Windows8RT, am learning now but that's for a different day.

I am very and I mean very slowly learning the different idiosyncrasies between old Windows and the Windows8RT but still can only copy images using the right click action as described by Microsoft. That is to hold down on an image for a few seconds and release. I can not do anything that will give me the old windows prompts with the old standard mouse. I do have a dock for it but there isn't a left or right click on that mouse keypad either.

Any suggestions, layman terms only please. I'm almost 60 and it's getting harder and harder to catch on. Took me a heck of a time to go from Word perfect 5.1 for dos to Word when Windows came out 20 years ago.

Thanks in advance.

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Have you read through the User Manual which explains how to use the touchpad with gestures? I believe the manual is already on your tablet, but, if not, I think this is it:

Here is a link that might be useful: User Manual

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PKponder TX

I don't have Windows 8 but always preferred using the keyboard shortcuts to copy/paste. CTRL + c will copy (with the file or text highlighted) and CRTL + v will paste it.

Kudzu has a great point too. You might as well read the manual, may be a simpler way.

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Yes I have the users manual, gestures are covered on pages 20 and 21, very basic touch maneuvers covered, no mention whatsoever for right click gesture. I found that from the retailer I purchased the unit from, but he isn't giving free tutorials and I sure have outworn my welcome.

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PKponder TX

Page 32. There is a key that you use in 'Desktop' mode to simulate a right click.

It's a very well written and simple manual to follow :-)

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Take a look at this tutorial/overview video. Might be helpful for you.

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Thanks to all for the help. Look at me right click!

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