Sub Zero refrigerator--internal water/ice or on the door?

jennyj1953August 5, 2013

I'm planning on a 48 inch SZ refrig with custom wood panels. I'm leaning towards a frig with the water/ice internally, rather than on the door. Will save money, plus, in the past have had problems/repairs with the ice dispenser on the outside. Does anyone have an opinion about the dispenser being on the inside vs. outside? Is it a pain to have to open the door every time you get water or ice? Any insight would be appreciated.

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I researched this to the nth degree and ultimately decided I had to have an ice dispenser and went with a Gaggenau freezer tower with custom panel and ice/water in-door. These are also sold under the Miele and Thermador brand names too.

They don't make internal ice dispensers just ice buckets/storage bins. From everything I read the SZ dispenser is very finicky about the water quality/water hardness and water pressure fed to it.

Unlike competitors the ice dispenser goes from the freezer to the refrigerator side causing increased failures that can cost several hundred dollars to fix each time.

Obviously if you use a lot of ice opening the freezer constantly will increase temperature variability, freezer burn/frost, and energy cost. Opening the refrigerator constantly for cold water will do the same minus freezer burn/frost.

BTW The ladies in the Kitchen Forum will tell you that putting an ice dispenser on a wood paneled freezer is like a pimple on the tip of your nose. :)

BTW II Sub Zero is made in Wisconsin while Gaggenau/Thermador/Miele is made by Bosch in a Bosch owned factory in Turkey.

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I kind of agree with the ladies in the kitchen forum on this one. We are getting the same fridge as you and opted for the internal ice/water dispenser. I just don't like the way the external one looks on custom panels. Your aesthetic may be different.

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I am getting the same fridge for our new home. I think the water/ice is fine on the outside WITHOUT panels...with panels, not so nice.... Our appliance store told me not to do the water/ice with wood panels...water drips can ruin the wood.

I have boys and I kept the fridge stainless on the outiside with the water/ice on the outside.


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A $10k fridge should not drip and if it does it could stain the stain less not stainproof steel.

One year later my Gaggenau is fine and it does not drip.

The panel is white maple and the dispenser is silver which I think looks good.

If you have a highly grained wood with a stain instead of paint it looks kinda weird.

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We are getting the same fridge and debating the same thing. My preference is no dispenser with the panels. I worry about the water too as I don't think it's the fridge that makes it drip, I think it's the kids (and adults) who don't use it properly. We are leaning towards SS with nothing on the outside. I'm not sure it's worth it to have the water on the inside. But we haven't made a final decision.

We currently have a SS fridge with water/ice in the door and we end up with water all over (but maybe I shouldn't admit that publicly :)

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