Need help with sound

grandmsApril 30, 2013

I recently moved and changed Internet providers. I now have broadband through Charter Cable. I can listen to music I have stored on my computer, but have no sound through my internet connection. For example, no sound on UTube. Also the normal startup sounds for Windows XP can't be heard. What do I need to do to restore the sound on my computer?
My sound hardware is Realtek AC 97, and VLC media player is my default player. My speakers are by Creative with a wired sub-woofer. These sound just fine when playing music other than on-line music.

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Grandms, this may not be helpful, but you might want to try right clicking on the audio icon and checking playback devices...

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All the devices indicate that they are working properly. Since I'm getting sound from things on my hdd, I feel sure I have the speakers connected properly, too. It is the boot up and shut down sounds that do not work (none muted) along with any online sounds that I do not have working. I think I'll give Charter a call and see if someone there can help. I did not have the speakers hooked up when the tech was here to set everything up.

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Another thought that may not be relevant. I had that happen back when all the kerfuffle erupted over Java and I had removed it. Not sure how I fixed it at the time but suspect re-installing Java was the fix. Yes, I know Java has issues but so does Windows yet we all stick with that.

You might try installing Java Grandms just to satisfy your curiosity, it can be removed once you decide whether it was the cure or not.

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My bet it that it's highly unlikely to have anything to do with the internet connection.

What happens if you use a different browser?

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PKponder TX

I read something about an issue like that being caused by Flashplayer.

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This is weird. I installed Java using Chrome, my default browser. Then I went to an e-mail having a video clip. It played with sound, but not the type of setting I want. Just to test shut down sounds, I then shut down and the default Windows sound played. However, after I rebooted, the situation was just as it had been before, no sound on startup or on the video clip. I'll download and install Java with IE and see what happens.

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Do you use a web accelerator extension in Chrome? If so, disable it and see if it affects your sound.

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Oops! failed to post next question. My sound is now back in IE, FF, and Chrome. However, the sound is not set so that it is clear. I recall seeing various settings such as "concert hall", etc. but can't remember where to find those settings. Can someone point me in the right directions? I'll see what Google can do to help, also.

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Shut down my computer last night, and now, today I do not have sound again on startup, shutdown, or video clips. Any further suggestions? Also need to configure sound quality.

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PKponder TX

Do the speakers themselves have a software suite? That is a possible place to check for quality settings. Do you have a driver disk? You might try uninstalling the components and restarting. The last time I had sound issues I almost gave up before I figured out that each time I restarted XP, a few more codecs installed. Finally there was sound. Hardware is not a strong suit of mine but I 'feel' that you are having a hardware issue.

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No software. However, I do have the sound working again. Using the HP help on the computer itself, I reset everything and still nothing. I decided to recheck the connections, since I was in semi-darkness when I connected the speakers. Yep, I had the sound cable plugged into the "IN" port rather than "Sound Out" port. That doesn't explain why I had sound briefly the other day after installing Java. That will remain a mystery. Now I just hope it continues to work.

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PKponder TX

My cat (or gremlins) have helped with pulling the speaker cables out just enough to appear that they were seated :-)

So glad that that you found it!

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