Tile ideas for vintage-y 1906 bathrooms

mtnrdredux_gwSeptember 2, 2013

We will be redoing two full baths and adding a 3rd for our new beachouse project (crica 1906). I would like a nod to vintage. I am having a hard time getting inspired especially for the floor or for tile generally

The problem is, I now realize, is that between our current (1902) house in CT, and our old house in NJ (1904 iirc), I have done a vintage bath like, a dozen times. So I am officially tired of and preferably do NOT want to do:

hex tile
basketweave tile
greek key tile
b/w checkerboad tile
wooden floors
arabesque tile

To my mind, that leaves only penny rounds. I might do that in the 2nd floor kid's hall bath, with the scattered "flowers". But then what about the MBR and the guest BR? My only other thought was encaustic, but they tend to be so busy ...

I'd love any new ideas for bathroom time that would like appropriate. TIA!

PS will x-post in BA

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Later vintage baths, as if they were added? We've looked at a number of late 19th early 20th century houses with 1940s and 1950s baths: colored wall tile, colored text-pattern floors or 4" colored hex floors, colored fixtures.

The oldest original baths I've seen are usually linoleum or painted wood floors, stained beadboard and no wall tile, with a hoop shower curtain around the tub.

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There are encaustic tiles that are more quiet than others, I like the simple geometric patterns in black, grey and white (as in the below link, it won't help much for sourcing because this seller is in France but you will see what I mean). Terrazzo/granito would be another nice option.

Here is a link that might be useful: Encaustic tiles

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Thanks, Pal, I think those are my two choices if I am eschewing the sanitary look that I like, but have done too many times already. Either wood, or 40s.

Thanks for the encaustic link, Bart.

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What about octagon and dot?

There are also lots of other patterns besides flowers you can do with penny rounds - see the link below (there are also loads of other ideas on the site)

Here is a link that might be useful: historic tile

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Why not just a carerra marble (or porcelain lookalike)?

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Here are two of my favorite old "bath candy" inspiration pics from three or four years back, and I still love them today. Both vintage-y, but not the white sub+marble hex+basketweave formula you'd prefer to to stay away from this time.

You could do such wonderful things with a bold color like the yellow! And I still sigh over the steel windows used for a shower. I actually made some calls to try and figure out how to do that...ha.

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shanghaimom - love your bathroom "candy" pictures! As luck would have it I came across this earlier today:

Modern Bathroom by Berkeley Architects & Designers Robert Nebolon Architects
It is a very similar shower enclosure, although in a rather different space! The designer listed American Shower Door as the fabricator for the shower enclosure. Just in case!

(sorry, mtnrdredux, I don't want to hijack your post)

Here is a link that might be useful: American Shower Door

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I am not an expert on period appropriate tile, but you mentioned encaustic tile and Ann Sacks has some that looks really lovely. There's even a really lovely yellow color that might work well if you want a bright yellow bathroom.

Ann Sacks Paccha Tile

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PricklyPear, that Anne Sacks is just lovely! Why is it I love everything they do?

Jreuter, great bathroom! But one thing I don't want is a shower door. I want ... believe it or not ... a shower stall with a step up and with a shower curtain. I am so sick of glass shower doors! I wonder if someday we will look back on them and ask why we did so many. I am going for a reverse snobbism look.

Shangahi, I love that yellow one! I always love symmetry. Really nice with the tiny tile feels ... "timeless". I like the glass with black muntins, everywhere in a house actually, but not sure it fits.
I did once see a MBR where the shower stall had a door on it, which was solid, but covered in mirror and then white muntins. You could do it in black?

Jreutre, thanks for the site. For years ive looked a a site with great penny round patterns, but I think it was in AL or AR, this is a new one.

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1910 bath in real estate

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What about cork (I know it's weird, but it's water resistant and has been used in bathrooms)? Here's an example from the Whalehead Club in Corolla, NC (built around 1920 or so and recently restored to its original state, including the original bathrooms):

Here is a link that might be useful: Whalehead Club

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We're currently remodeling a 1912 craftsman bath and decided to go with encaustic tile over hex. We also went with a vanity similiar to the one in the first pic posted by shanghaimom, only our top is teak. I'll attach a link to the tile.

Here is a link that might be useful: encaustic tile

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Thanks, Pal. Pretty. Does anyone make floral linoleum flooring anymore? Thatd be so apt.

KevinMP, Lovely! More yellow! Square tiles are of note. One of my first apartments was Alden Park in Germantown, and the kitchen had the original cork tile. Been a fan ever since, but never saw them in a bathroom. Cool idea.

Darcyjo, Thanks for the link!

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Hi Mtnrdredux, Your mention of linoleum made me think of Marmoleum. A client of my husband's used it in their turn of the century bathroom in Massachusetts. They picked a brick red and I believe it had some cool black streaks in it. I loved it. Take a look at the borders they have. It's sort of an old fashioned flavor and probably reasonably comfortable on a cold winter morning.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marmoloeum borders

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Hi Lottery,

I love Marmoleum, but i have heard that 1) if is hard to find someone who can lay the sheets properly and 2) the tile is prone to curling up if it gets wet.

Id love to be wrong; anyone with personal experience?


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You could be right about marmoleum. The folks who had used it put it in the kitchen and the downstairs powder room, sink and toilet only. So it would have had very little exposure to water. It's cool stuff, though!

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Where did you hear that the tile is prone to curling if it gets wet? We have glue down tiles in our master bathroom and the laundry room. We have the sheet version in the two hall bathrooms. The key to finding someone who can lay the sheets properly, especially if you want them to use welding rods is to look for commercial installers. Welding rods would be used in commercial buildings such as hospitals.

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