Copying a Picture on a web page?

jane__nyApril 19, 2013

I never learned how to do this.

We are looking at fences for our property. I Googled 'wood fences' and tons of images came up showing various designs. I want to copy a few styles to send to the fence contractor so he can see what we are looking for.

I tried copying but where do I put the picture? I tried to paste it in My Pictures, but the option doesn't come up.

Could someone please explain how to copy an image from a web page so I can send it in an email.


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I have W 7 and I right click on the picture, then "save image as", then my desktop comes up and I click on save.

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Thanks EmmaR. How easy was that????? Worked perfectly, thanks so much again,


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You are welcome. I save pictures all the time, mostly for desk top wallpaper. Nice fence.

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