Best Size Tub to Bathe Children?

LaurieSeptember 15, 2012

As I contemplate a renovation to our one main bathroom, the tub is one of my biggest issues.

Currently, I have a very old vintage tub in place, a regular plain old nice sized one. However, it's seen better days and has already been refinished at least once by the prior owner. I believe it was white originally, it's now black (yea, I know).

I have no idea if it's worth salvaging, I haven't gotten that far although many people who have seen it (here on this site, my prior boss who is an architect, etc.) have said try to if possible since it has nice lines. It is, a good sized tub, with low sides, which I like.

The thing is, both my partner and I never take baths so the main reason for keeping a tub is for resale value. We have a separate shower (although, possibly, I'm considering combining the two to save space).

I wouldn't even consider taking the tub out completely/putting in a new one. The only other "bathroom" in the house is a small powder room and there is absolutely no other place to put another bathtub. Not until I win the lottery and can renovate the attic at least!

So, of course, if I switch out the tub - which is pretty likely also, I want to find something which is going to be easy for parents to bathe a child in. I'll tell you - I look at most bathtubs these days and say to myself there is NO way they look like someone could reach over and safely keep a child steady. Many of them seem to have very high sides, and me, being short, well I know I wouldn't be able to handle reaching over a lot of them (no kids here - 53 years old, none coming lol).

I'm not interested in whirlpools, hot tubs, or anything like that at all. Just something nice, basic and easily accessible. It would be good to have it a decent length just in case an adult did want to take a soak of course. Price matters too - since we're not ever going to use it most likely.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I know a lot about sinks and toilets, having purchased those before in this house and another home, but never had to deal with a bathtub before.

The only caveat would be my home was built in 1915, so I wouldn't be looking for anything "too" modern in appearance, not that it has to be old fashioned by any means.

Thanks in advance, for the help, as always!

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I went through this issue when I started the process of remodeling my old bathroom. I wanted to keep a tub for children bathing. I wanted one that would be easy for anyone to get in and out of. I listed some ideas below.

The Villager by Kohler is a nice size for getting in and out of. It is around14" high and cast iron. If you don't like the chevron pattern on the side there are other models out there. The Mendota another cast iron, would work. It is 16" in height. American Standard has a hybrid type bath that is not case iron but is enameled over something they call Americast; I think it is called the Princeton? It is lighter weight then the cast iron.

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I agree that the villager is your best bet if your floor can support cast iron. It's usually very reasonable at the big box stores, and it's a very nice tub, but shallow.

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If you want acrylic, I'd recommend Duravit. Their D-Code series is their entry level tub and we got it specifically for bathing two small ones. It's just deep enough and easy for me to reach over and get slippery kids out of a tub.

Here is a link that might be useful: Duravit

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Thanks for the suggestions, I'll take a look at all of them.

I am a bit concerned about the floor. Right now, I know there's concrete in the room, in the floor, walls, etc. One of the contractor's I've been dealing with a lot over the past couple of years mentioned that once I remove all the existing finishes in the room, the floor should be able to "breathe" again i.e.; there is far too much weight in there right now.

I already know the subfloor will require repair because the kitchen ceiling was opened up when we renovated that room, and we were able to see under the tub and it was a mess.

They did some repairs at that time to make sure the tub wouldn't fall through the floor to below (!!!!), and I'm sure the floor is going to need some serious attention once we start demolition. Let alone I'm contemplating under floor heating so I can take out the radiator (it's in a very awkward position) so that will necessitate things changing for that if I go ahead with that plan.

I'm almost afraid to see how bad it is but, what can you do? I'll have it repaired, that's for certain.

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