Laptop/modem Jack

urleeApril 15, 2010

I FINALLY found a laptop to my liking BUT------------

It has no RJ11 Modem Jack!

I am on dialup. Is there a way? Am I out of luck?

I can't see on the website where it can be customized even tho it shows specs of some where I guess you pick what you want?

Don't understand that site!

It is HERE

It is a bit MORE than I had intended on spending but what are you going to do when you look for ages in finding one that lights you up?

It is the Asus N71JQ-A1. It even has the USB 3.0 Port.

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It's under the Multimedia Entertainment.

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Urlee, sorry to say, but more and more laptops are coming without modems for dialup. I guess the manufacturers think everyone is traveling around using wireless or cellular modems. Do the specs mention a modem at all?

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In looking at the specs for that model, I see that it has Integrated 802.11 b/g/n - that's for wireless
10/100/1000 Base T - that's your Ethernet for connecting to cable, DSL, or satellite or cellular

It appears to me that unless you upgrade the way you connect to the internet, you cannot use this computer at home. Take it to McDonalds, a library, or other places and you might connect to a wi-fi service. Better look for one a little less fancy that will work with your dialup service.

By the way, do you really need the Intel I7 processor? That is the top of the line, and a lesser one would work just great, even with heavy graphics and media work.

It might be possible to set up an external modem, but this would limit the portability of the laptop. Maybe someone else has a more encouraging view to share.

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BooHoo,(wiping my eyes)

I read where the i7 is lightning fast.
Now just what is meant by that, I don't know unless it means how fast your programs open and that's all?
If that's the case, I can settle for something "lesser".

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I looked around at the user reviews for that laptop and a few did mention the lack of modem and that they were on dial up so that was a big problem so it sounds like there is not an option to get a modem on it.
Wow that is quite a souped up laptop what kind of applications are you planning on using it for, that is way more than needed for the average user. Someone using a lot of graphics and web building and creation applications would be able to utilize it fully.

I have not seen much of anything recently that still had a modem in it especially in laptops. A custom built model you may be able to specifically request a modem but there is only so much space in a laptop and these days they are going for the wireless and bluetooth and ethernet connections.

For use at home you could consider the external modem and then use the wireless when traveling, not the best solution by any means.
Are you able to get a cell phone signal where you live? if so what about using a 3G network connection, I have one of the att cards which I used when I was moving and needed to have a way to connect, it was sure better than dial up.

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I am into digital photography, movie/slide making, video transfer etc., creations, music, you name it as a hobby and really don't know what would suffice.
I did for personal reasons, end up with the Asus brand from the intense research I was doing.
The reason for such a souped up one is it will have to last me as I have to start $$ with my repair work around here and the laptop would serve for intense research on the "have to's" I have to get for the fixups and needs around here.
My bod can't take hours of sitting here at the desktop looking up stuff. You don't know how often I thought of "How wonderful it would be to have a laptop to search for a laptop"! "LOL"

I have to stay on dialup because of the $$ issue.
Computers are an expensive hobby and every little bit helps towards paying for a new one and "my wants".

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An external USB 56k modem should be pretty inexpensive. I found this one at Tiger Direct for around $15.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

just be very sure if you look at a modem like the one in that link that you see if it will work with a 64bit version because that one will not and I would bet your new laptop will be 64bit. What ever you get would have to have a 64bit driver available for it.

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Oh wow bpgreen,
You mean they make those goodies to use with the USB to solve my problem? Just think if there is one for the USB 3.0 I'd really be in business?
Thanks for the tip ravencajun.

I am very puzzled! I was "Googling" and found two places that sell and list "my dream machine" on their site as having the RJ11???????

Check this out.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would contact the vendor of the site and make sure that is in fact what you need but it does sound like it has a modem in it. Definitely get it in writing! Speak with one of their support personnel and let them know exactly what you are needing so there is no mis understanding.

And as to the usb modems yes they do make them but again if you go that route be certain it fits the criteria of your particular laptop and version.
Usually most all usb items are backward compatible and since I have not seen anything much at all available in the usb 3 standard you would most likely be looking at something that is usb 2.0 which should still work on your usb 3 ports.

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Thanks raven for your info etc.

I am hoping I can order a laptop next week having all weekend to decide on one before I spend the money on something crazy like a new refrigerator or clothes washer that I need because they both leak water. "LOL"

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I just think that has to be a mis print on the J&R site in the specs, I looked at specs at a LOT of the sites selling it and none mention a modem and on the user reviews on one site specifically mentions not having a modem. I have bought from J&R and they are usually very knowledgeable and nice to speak to so calling them on the phone sure would be my first step to verify.

A PLUS, did see mention on several of the sites and reviews that if you send in your warranty with in so many days time they will give you an additional year accidental free which is definitely something to look into and very worth while.
This is the direct quote about that from the amazon reviews
"Something else I find amazing... This laptop has a two year warranty, with 1 year accidental damage included...BUT if you register for the warranty within 60 days they'll give you an extra year of accidental damage."

It does have 2 separate hard drives, I personally would prefer one large one in it with the option to be able to put in a second if I chose to, but that is just a personal preference might not matter to you. I think in that type of machine I would want one large drive larger than the 320 (x2) it comes with.
Another quote that caught my attention was about size and weight.
"It's huge...and a bit heavy, twice as heavy as average 5lb laptop..9lbs without the powerbar...and the powerbar is a brick...which adds another 3lbs easy!."

that is very heavy for a laptop.

Not at all trying to talk you out of it just bringing up points that would be important to me if I was buying.
Asus is a very good brand and they are rated pretty high.
Since you are on dial up let me know if you need help researching anything for you I have a very speedy connection here and am happy to help you if I can.

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Yes, that weight surely caught my eye, also. At my age I was looking to get something lighter in weight, hence my choice of a slightly smaller machine with 14" screen. Also, I can remove the optical drive to lighten it even more. I was afraid at first that the keyboard would be too cramped, but it's just fine.

Just be sure to consider size if you plan to use this as a portable machine rather than just a desktop replacement.

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Yes, I have seen the wonderful warranty among other good stuff about it. I don't think the two HD's would be a problem but wished it was one like you stated. This one person stated he put two different HD's in cause he said it came with a brand drive he didn't care for.
I printed out the specs and reviews I have collected on it to read over and over in my easy chair. It made me so excited I almost have the printouts all worn out."lol" This one place had such good reviews, I wanted to order it at that moment.
Thank you for your offer of help in researching as you must know what I go through in having to sit and WAIT for each page or site to open for me to see. I would call that a true test for patience. No wonder I feel so dragged out when I finally call it quits for the day.

The weight hopefully will not be a problem as I intend to use it on a laptop desk I bought. The reason for a large screen is so I can have two windows open side by side to work on plus I wanted the numeric keys and without narrowing the keyboard. And yes, I was searching for a desktop replacement but also would like to try it using a hotspot out of curiousity or if my dialup service is down like it was for 4½ days a few months ago. By the way, the squeeky wheel gets the grease. I got a month free credit for that.
I have been wanting a laptop for 4 years now but have not felt like I do about this one only to have my bubble crushed in it not having a RJ11 modem for dialup. I still have my hopes up that maybe Asus makes these to a company's specs in having a modem? Is that called wishful thinking?
Well, tomorrow is Sunday to where I will pray in church for a miracle maybe? (smiles)

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Wish you lots of good luck in finding what you want. Have you studied the specs on any of the other Asus models listed there? Perhaps they have one with an internal modem for dialup.

I understand your desire for the big screen for using two windows at once. I surely hope you can find what you want. It seems that manufacturers forget that many, many people do not have access to high speed service, like you and me, and I'm fortunate that I can spend for something better than dialup, although nothing available is really ideal. It really burns me that satellite and cellular service are so costly. I truly understand what you mean about patience. The highest speed I ever got on my dialup was 28kbs.

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Talk about riling me up!

I have been pretty cool an optimistic about getting my dream machine until I get answers to my inquiries like THIS:

Here is what upsets me! WHY do they send me to IBM for an Asus computer?

I think they send anything just to close the inquire! If that doesn't get my GOAT and ruffle my feathers! I have had that happen before on inquires and that leaves me with a bad feeling about contacting service support.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would call the direct phone line at J&R which is the site that actually had that spec listed in their ad for the laptop. Most of the time I have contacted them and asked for technical assistance they knew about the products. I doubt you get much more than that kind of canned response from a site like

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Thanks raven,
I am sorry to run off the track here in that I posted what I have been so will do my homework of using the landline and hopefully get somewhere on my finally getting my long dream of a laptop like that.

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Did some phone calling yesterday and more researching along with taking a trip to Radio Shack.

My results:
My dream laptop definitely does not come with the RJ11 Modem for dialup.
I did find some external USB Modems but Now I have to be assured an external USB Modem will allow me to connect to dialup the same as if one came with the laptop.
Then we will be in business.

In other words: Will I get a dialup connection to the Internet the same as if the laptop came with the built in modem?
Before I order that pricey laptop, I want to be sure I will be able to get on the Internet.

Thanks to all who can rest assure me.

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"In other words: Will I get a dialup connection to the Internet the same as if the laptop came with the built in modem? "

Yes, as long as you make sure it has drivers for the OS you have. As ravencajun pointed out, the one I linked earlier won't work with the 64 bit OS.

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Here is one

Here are two more

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

you MUST make sure in their specs they say they will work with a 64bit system your laptop will have a 64bit processor as well as have windows 7 64bit. If they do not list that I would not bother looking at them.
Also one thing I noticed on the Startech one is that it only has usb1 you do not want that you want at least usb 2 (doubt you find a usb3 but that would be best and fastest) the usb1 type are old and slow stay away from those.

the first one aluratek does not even mention windows 7 at all in what it will work with so very doubtful it will be 64 bit compatible.

the trend net does mention 64bit but does not mention windows 7 in the list it stops at vista. You would need to check if windows 7 64 bit is compatible.

I will try to do a little looking too when I have a minute.

so look for at least usb2 and windows 7 64bit compatibility.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

here are some to look at, this is on the windows 7 compatibility site a good place to start.
Zoom 56K V.92 USB Mini External Modem

Trendware 56K V.90 USB Fax TAM Modem
you see there on that page on each of them it has the link for the free download which is to the product and the needed driver update that it will require, preferably you would like to find one that comes preloaded with the latest drivers so you would not have to go through that hunt for the driver but that helps with the link to the one you would need.

here is the actual page for all the 7 64bit compatible list at the site.
Networking: Modems

this one at tiger direct says it is windows 7 compatible and in the reviews several say they did use it successfully with windows 7 64 bit and that the driver was preloaded which would be a plus no hunting for drivers.
Hiro Ext. USB 56K V.92 Modem / XP 64 Bit / Vista Ready / RoHS compliant - Compatible with Windows 7
56K* USB Faxmodem
states at bottom of that spec sheet works with 7 64bit.

so that gives you something to look at and helps you know how to search.
I did my google search : external usb modem for windows 7 64 bit

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According to Microsoft's compatibility website, there is apparently not a single modem available (yet) that's compatible with 64 bit Windows 7.

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Oh WOW Raven, You sure out did yourself! How can I thank you?
I sure have a LOT of work ahead of me. Thank you soooo much for the URLS for me to read etc.

Thank you too mike k as I appreciate ALL info on this matter. I want that computer so bad I am even thinking of buying it in hopes if not now, maybe later there will be something out there for me to access the net with it as dialup so I can use it as intended-----in my easychair as this old bod can't sit for hours at the desktop without ease.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

there are some out there that do work out of the box with 7 64bit just takes a bit of hunting. From the actual user reviews that one at tiger direct seems to work fine with it, you can check out the reviews there are a lot of them there but a few of them did say that it worked well for them. On that Hiro brand one I also found this info in a review for it which also asserts it works with 7 64bit
"This modem also works just fine in 64-bit Windows 7, both voice and caller ID. Use the Vista64 driver on the CD and select the install file agrmu64v.inf."
If you search you can find it cheaper I saw it for less at amazon. Here is the Hiro homepage info and it definitely does state there in the specs that it is for windows 7 64 bit.
HiRO V.92 56K External USB Data Fax Voice Modem Windows 7 Vista XP 32 64 bit RoHS
To me that would be the one I would pick it has decent reviews and should work with the included cd drivers.
I think at amazon it was $20 plus shipping

also that zoom one that is linked from the windows 7 compatibly site if you click on the link in that page where it says free download required right at the top of that page it has the driver for windows 7 64 bit so that one would be easy to upgrade with the driver download right there.
so there are ones out there that will fit the bill for you and your windows 7 64 bit. Great that the 7 compatibility site lists them all in one spot and provides any updates you may need.

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I am so overwhelmed at the info you provided here for me.
I can not put into words how appreciative I am.

Just ONE question-----Should I order that laptop I love so much? (smiles) in hopes it WILL work?

I bet I stumped you with that one?
Just kidding.
Wish I knew of somebody who did get that Asus and USB modem to see if & how it worked for them.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would go for it, I am sure you will get it to work, if you happen to get one of the usb modems that does not yet have the 7 64bit drivers I am sure they will be putting one out so their products will work with the latest and greatest.

Since so many reviewers did say that one worked fine with their windows 7 64 bit I would certainly think it would work with the laptop you are wanting.

Leap of faith!!
and you are very welcome for the links I provided I remember well how frustrating it can be on dial up! I can do in a very few minutes what it would take you a while to do so more than happy to help.
You could contact Asus directly and ask see if they have any recommendations.

and another

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Oh Raven,
You are such a doll!
I don't think I can handle much more of your kindness as you brought tears to my eyes now!


I had a HARD time trying to find how to get in touch with Asus from their websight!
I had to go through customer support where they asked for my product serial number etc. etc. which I didn't and don't have------------

Bless you so much.
I am headed back to those sights to explore.

Grateful Urlee

PS: Right now they are discussing a fan issue but I don't think I will let that keep me from wanting that machine?

There are currently two issues that need to be resolved.
1- The fan cycles ON/OFF every few seconds.
2- A very severe bios issue that occurs if you by mistake press Fn+ESC key. The notebook will hang completely.

Ken Lee from GentechPC is working on resolving these both.
I reported both of these to Ken and he forwarded them to ASUS R&D.

So hopefully very soon there will be a solution for both.
Ken Lee from Gentech PC is a great person. Usaully all the issues he forwards to ASUS gets fixed.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

yes I did notice some not so favorable reviews on that second site but you do not know if that is for your laptop or some other model since it is a general asus site. But always good to know ahead of time if there are things to be aware of.

you are welcome!

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Have you considered buying a laptop with a modem in it. Dell, for example, offers them in at least their Latitude line.

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I purchased the TFM-560U Trendnet USB 56k modem.
The manual is for Vista but works for windows 7, you having to DL the drivers for Windows 7.

My question is? Do you put the disk that came with that modem into the "modemless" laptop & follow the instructions that came with it that is written for Vista and how do you DL the drivers if you can't get on the net to do so?
I have written to Trend but they don't seem to know what I am asking. They keep sending me the link for windows 7 drivers. I hope you understand to help me. Sometimes I don't understand myself. (smiles)

I do not understand this DL driver stuff as to what takes place in doing so?
Could I stick that modem into my desktop USB port without screwing up my current connection and internal modem I am on for dialup on here (my desktop) and DL windows 7 drivers to the USB Trend one?
I did DL the drivers to save in a folder here but don't know what to do with it cause it is in my desktop computer. I also DL'd them to a flashdrive thinking that is how to get it to the laptop but what and how to?

I do not have the laptop yet but am thinking of ordering it tomorrow hoping I didn't buy an expensive doorstop?

I wanted to e-mail raven with no luck cause I really didn't want the whole world to know how dense I really am sometimes. I put sometimes to not make me feel too embarrassed.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would go ahead with the supplied install disc which it states is for vista and see if it will work without having to get the other drivers, I have seen several reviews on some of them that they did work fine on 7 with the vista drivers, 7 and vista are quite similar.

if not then you said you did download the drivers to a flash drive that is how you can get them on the new laptop. Install them from the flash drive. You may have to check their specifics for if there is any instruction on doing that. That link I had provided early on and below is a full listing for the various models and how to access the driver for it you should find instructions there or on the website of the manufacturer of the modem.

Here is a link that might be useful: compatibility list

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

urlee, I just went to the specific specs sheet for your model modem and in the specs it says it does support 7 64bit so my guess is that it has now been updated so that it will support it with out you having to do any driver changes.
So I would go as it comes and try it before doing anything to change it. May work out of the box now.

Here is a link that might be useful: specs

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

when you can not find me here you can always look for me at LzD! It is one I do check in to daily. On lots of forums with various IDs but LzD is a sure bet. R-C

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Whew! Hi Ravencajun,

I just went to the specific specs sheet for your model modem and in the specs it says it does support 7 64bit

Yes I have that site worn out and I know it supports win7 64bit but my problem is:
The manual that came with the modem has Vista instructions with a CD and I was wondering what is the first thing I do when my laptop comes to get the modem set up?

Do I put the CD in same as it says for Vista and follow the Vista directions from then on?
Then do I have to insert my flashdrive into the laptop and locate the win7 drivers and click "send to" the TFM-560U modem that is plugged into my USB port too?

I just want to find out what to do step by step to be ready for when I get the laptop. Maybe if the laptop was here and I slipped the disk in, things would fall into place as to what to do?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would use the disc that came with it and follow the directions, it sounds like they have probably done the update to it for it to be windows 7 ready so my thought is you will not need to do anything else but what the accompanying cd and installation guide says to do.

That is what I would do anyway then if there is a problem the use of the windows 7 driver may have to be addressed but it really sounds like they have done the update already.

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You mentioned in an earlier post that you are looking forward to sitting in your easy chair with your new laptop...make sure you dont use you laptop on your lap or some other soft surface as you will undoubtedly plug the fan vents and it will overheat...There are some lap tables out there that work or even if you have a large kitchen cutting board will large you need depends on whether you will be using the built in TrackPad or if you use and external mouse...just thought I would mention this

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Raven-----You are a DOLL! Yes, after more reading and "sinking in", I came to the same conclusion and also DL'd the Adobe user guide from that site which has the steps I was pleading for. That was the icing on the cake!

genes------Bless you for caring. I did purchase a "laptop" desk with legs that straddle mine while in the recliner.
Would you believe I bought it in 2008 to prepare for my dream along with a wireless tiny mouse?

Been YEARS waiting for this so I may finally, get the one I was dreaming for.
Just sold my 1980 Honda Express to help pay for it.
Excellent shape with 1,087 miles on it.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have that exact same laptop desk in black! I love it for using my netbook in my recliner.
I will tell you though that the heavier full laptops put a strain on the braces that hold it upright so be careful of that. When I use my husbands regular laptop on my little table it is not as sturdy as it is with my little netbook and your laptop is going to be pretty heavy. It will work just have to be careful of that brace.

I like that the mouse pad area opens and there is storage under there, I use a little usb wireless mouse with my netbook and laptop.

I also have this one that I think I got a few years ago at Hobby Lobby or some craft store.

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To all you lovely people who were soooooo kind to bear with me on my problems of and so helpful in trying to help me, I want you to know--------


Wow! 4years and now I finally got a laptop, AND to my liking, sight unseen!

I did manage to figure out enough to get it on and connected to the Internet with the external modem but can't use it til I have a friend DL Malwarebytes, SuperAntispyware,Spyblaster,Avast,and Microsoft Essentials etc. etc. on my flash drive for me to pick to put into the laptop.
Was thinking of finding out how to go wireless using a hotspot to DL those but thought I would be flirting with trouble?

You should see the sharp mirror, er, I mean, picture, it has. "LOL"
Yes, there is a reflection if you use it a certain way but when it is set up with the shades pulled, it has the most beautiful sharp colorful screen you could ask for.
I hesitated for so long this last while cause there was complaints about the fan revving up quite frequently but people were still ordering it so I bit the bullet and the fan isn't that loud to cause me to not want it. I just turn the TV up. "lol" It is a soft noise you don't hear if you are concentrating on your work.
Today, I can say I sure do not like windows 7 compared to XP. I have to work with it to see if it's me cause so far I couldn't find the refresh button??????? Amongst other little things but will wait til I get it secured before I can be on the net to experiment more.

Urlee the happy camper.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

well that is great news Urlee I am so happy for you!! And happy to hear you were successful in getting it to connect to the internet also.

You can make some changes to 7 to make it more like xp which may help you get started with it. you can change the theme to the classic view which will give it more of a xp feel.
Right click on your desktop and click "Personalize." Then scroll down until you see windows classic theme. Click on that.
In Windows Explorer, right click in the white space on the left where all the libraries are and select "show all folders." That way it doesn't hide all the useful things like the recycle bin.
you can also turn on the "optimize for performance" option which turns off alot of eye candy but preserves the overall 7 experience and uses less resources
With a Windows Explorer window open (such as Computer), you can press "Alt" and that will pop up the classic menus (File, Edit, etc) which will make things a bit easier to find
You can also change the look of the control panel to a classic view also
Making Windows 7 look more like XP
Add the Quick Launch Bar to the Taskbar in Windows 7
Make the Windows 7 Taskbar Work More Like Windows XP or Vista
And I have found that the seven forum is an excellent resource they have all the answers there, and great tutorials
Windows 7 Forums.

Just ask when you have problems someone here has probably already run into the same issues and can help.

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Thank you Rav,

As usual, you are a doll.

I saved those sites for a keeper. I think I am well on my way to saving ink and paper now when I get that LT up and running!
I just printed out 9 pages from the sites you gave.

Bless you,
Now I have to go and eat a bowl of icecream with chocolate poured all over and call it a day. (smiles)


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The Windows 7 forum that RC gave you the link for is very, very helpful. I'm finally getting used to Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail (after trying out Thunderbird e-mail and discarding it). But I still find myself going back to my desktop Windows XP machine.

Still, progress marches on, doesn't it, and we "mature" ones just have to learn to be flexible. :-) But congratulations, girl!!!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

well my problem is as I mature I am no longer flexible LOL!
IF only I could still move around like I once could! Breaking down and buying the wheelchair was a big depressing moment but at least I got a RED one! LOL too bad I could not find a hot pink one.

But hey we got to keep on keeping on! Keeping the brain cells stimulated and learning something new at least we can try to keep part of us flexible!

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Thanks grandms.

Keeping the brain cells stimulated and learning something new at least we can try to keep part of us flexible!

We are wearing ourselves out doing that with all the new fandangled changes all the time!

I sure am finding out I am not 16 anymore. When you have to mow the lawn in two parts instead of all at once before you rest, is telling me something?

The worst part is when you have to get siked up before doing what has to be done.
Used to be, I could get right on to it but now I have to be in the mood!

The joys of getting old!

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You don't have to reply to this as I just have to VENT someplace before I pull all my hair out.

I feel sick inside that I just can't make headway on my laptop as to mostly getting and staying on the net to finish or getting a page to open etc. etc.

I either get knocked off all the time, get 691 error,or nothing when I try to register Avast and when Adobe reader is suppose to display my e-edition newspaper to read!

I get DNS server isn't responding, microsoft online service is temporarily unavailable, and what have you?

I am wondering what's in that machine to prevent or block everything from working?

Haven't tried wireless as I don't know how or what to do to use it and secure it to be safe on wireless. Am tempted to just go and sit in front of our Library to see if I can get on? They have the service there but not filtered what ever that means.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

most places that have free wifi do not allow sitting out side and using it which is why they have you come to get the access code, I read recently where someone was arrested for sitting in a car outside of a wifi hotspot using it and apparently doing something he should not have been doing.

I have been inside starbucks with my netbook and it will not connect until you get their access code.

Now you could go into the library and sit and use it there with their permission and code or at a starbucks or even restaurant, many now offer it, I was at Denny's recently and saw a sign on the door stating they now had wifi to ask for the code.

as to being safe just don't do any thing security sensitive like banking or ordering stuff while on that open wifi connection.

Urlee who is your service provider that you use to get online? and did that laptop come with an antivirus suite that contains a firewall by any chance?

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Thanks for the tip!
If I didn't check in here, I may have had to answer this from a cell. And not phone either. The one with bars.

Those people must have the code then that park there.
Forgive me but this is all so new for me. Have lots of learning to do about rules and regulations. Lucky to even know how to turn this on. Hope I can get this sent before I get knocked off again.
Before, I couldn't get this far. Better not press my luck.

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Thanks to bpgreen and Raven, I am now sitting here with my beautiful laptop dream machine!

Yep! I am up and running fine now. My server must have been working on their end or the weather caused me to get knocked off so much when I first tried being on the net with that external modem. I thought it was the modem but it is working fine!
"LUV" ya all for help making my dream come true.
Seeing I am not getting knocked off, I DL'd some programs which only got half done before when getting knocked off.
Audacity for one. Got my spyware and virus programs from my flashdrive. Now for the goodies, huh?
Bless you all.
I have to get to bed now. This is the latest being up on the puter for me! Can't blame me for basking in no disconnects. "LOL"

Good night.

PS: Sorry you all can't see this beautiful laptop.
LOVE the fact I can ZOOM to make the fonts larger for reading and typing just by using the % drop down on the bottom right on Windows 7 here.

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PS, Forgot to mention------------------------
most places that have free wifi do not allow sitting out side and using it which is why they have you come to get the access code,
Our Library does allow and no code needed.
Now you could go into the library and sit and use it there with their permission and code
I checked with our Library and you can either bring your laptop inside OR sit out in your vehicle and use it. They said you can even come after hours when they are closed to sit and use their free wireless service. No permission needed or code.

GREAT! Now I try it out if weather permits as I do not want to go in too hot a weather or rainy days which has been lately.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

that is excellent news on all fronts! I am glad your library is so free with their wifi. Always a good idea to check before hand though would not want anyone having a visit with the wifi police LOL
I am really so happy that you are enjoying your new laptop I know how much you wanted it and how long you waited for it.

I hope whoever got your Honda Express loves it and takes care of it, those are such neat little motorbikes, my very first motorbike was a Honda 50, got it before I got a bicycle! Now I have 3 Vintage Harleys and a Heritage Harley out in the garage LOL One is a 3 wheeler with reverse, about the only one I can ride these days.

Keep on enjoying that dream machine!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Hi Urlee!

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Oh my goodness!
So wonderful to see this again. You are a sweetheart for having the brains (know how) in finding this for me.
Consider that hug above for you too.

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