Updating Printer Drivers

love2sewApril 16, 2012

I have a Lexmark Series 1400 inkjet printer and I need to update my driver so I don't keep getting printer connection errors. I purchased the printer 2009.

I went into Lexmark and they keep trying to force me to purchase and install Norton Driver Tool for $39.99 that will fix everything automatically. I did the scan and it says I have 2 drivers not working and 27 that need fixing. I never totally believe these marketing scans but do think my printer drivers need updating.

I checked my secunia program and it says my Lexmark programs are uptodate.

Is there a FREE program that will update my drivers? or how can I do this?

You help is always appreciated.


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Is this the printer, see link

Here is a link that might be useful: printer

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If that lexmark link is what you have tried..

Slimware Utilities
has free SlimDrivers program.

after it scans, over on right is a link to update the particular driver you want. Mostly you would update one driver at a time in the free version .. but sometimes that one driver it says is out of date, will actually download & install all drivers for that device.

Here is a link that might be useful: https://www.slimwareutilities.com/slimdrivers.php

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Thanks Mikie and Zep for your help. Last night I updated 23 drivers, quite a job and took 2 hours. There wasn't one on the list for a printer. I have the steps written down, just can't get to the right place! Instructions say click START, then RUN??, open box type CONTROL PRINTERS, then click OK. There are 17 steps but I can't get to the RUN part, just having a senior momment I guess. Boy, I can't believe all the things I have learned to do myself with your help. This is the best place to come.

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Try holding down the 'Win' key, usually next to alt...
then press R for Run.

Or you can open one of the black command windows.. type in there works with most things that require the run line.

Or you can open Taskmangers left applicationss tab... and choose New Task.. on bottom right. That will work for most things as the Run line.

If I right click my lower left Start button, choose properties... then choose the Start Menu tab... then customize... I can add or remove the Run line from the pop up start menu.

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Control Printers typed into the tun line simple opens Control panels "Devices & Printers" here on my laptop.

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