Any recent reviews of the Electrolux Speed Oven

athensmomof3August 23, 2011

I need to pull the final trigger on appliances so my cabinet guy can get the drawings finalized. My hope was to get an inexpensive microwave and put it inside a cabinet but we haven't been able to make that work yet with the drawings. I am still hopeful but need to consider other options.

One option on the table is the Electrolux speed oven/regular oven combo, rather than the Elux double oven I was planning on getting. I have read mixed reviews of this oven, particularly pertaining to the hinge breaking. I am planning on the ICON professional for looks reasons, and for some reason this one gets worse reviews than the other Elux speed ovens. I am assuming this is just the luck of the draw as far as who posted online reviews because they seem to be the same oven minus the trim packages.

It is more expensive than I was planning on spending on a micro (which was why we were putting it in cabinet), but the cost is offset a bit by the second oven which I won't need.

Thoughts appreciated!

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I have the Elux Icon Speed Oven, more than 5 years now.
I have had no hinge problems, or any problems, except a screw
for the handle came loose. Added a lock washer and no problem with handle for more than a year now.

You can watch "The Great Potato Race" on Utube to see the Speed oven in a baked potato contest with a Miele Speed oven.
The Elux won.

It does everything but broil, and microwave use is exceptionally easy, just enter time and push start.

I have done "Tons" of research on single versus double oven, and in every case, regardless of the manufacturer, the single ovens have a better reliability record.

The Speed oven is our most used appliance, does a tater in 15 minutes, instead of an hour, so anything that fits in the speed oven is either baked, convectioned baked, Speed cooked or grilled using it rather than our larger Elux 30" Icon Oven---which we do like also, and it has been trouble free.

Good luck with your new purchases!


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I guess I need to drop Chris an email. I've had no satisfactory answer about the "different" Electrolux Icon High Speed Oven photos at several dealer websites, for instance, AJ Madison. Even The Appliancist Home Appliance Trends & News promotes an apparent imposter high speed oven. This phenomena is limited to the Professional style only.

Apparently those dealers feel that the imposter looks better with the wall oven then the actual ELux Icon Pro model. Maybe Electrolux agrees since you won't find promotional pictures of the two paired together at their website. I had hoped that the "imposter" was a "new" design, however ELux says they know nothing about it. One dealer said they only get their images from the manufacturer, yet they post the imposter pic.

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Thanks for sharing this! I think I had noticed "something different" in the various pictures of this oven, but hadn't figured it out.

I am assuming that the Electrolux site is the authoritative one, but who knows.

It does seem that the "Designer" look allows for a more consistent look between the Speed Oven / Wall Oven. So I'm looking in that direction right now.

Chris, is this correct? Can someone post pictures of actual units?


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I am also plugging for a speed oven over the standard MW...
I did not get an electrolux only because it was not allowed to be installed under-counter. Having said that, I have a Miele speedoven and I use it more often than the larger oven, as Gary has stated. I am a family of 4. I can't imagine having to bake potatoes in the large regular oven now that I have the speedoven! Get it, and you will love it.

Every now and then, I find that the oven is in the preheat mode or already used and i need to melt the butter or use the MW quickly. I just switch it to MW, melt the butter (in the hot oven) and move on. I do not put ANY plastic in the MW so that is not an issue for me. My kids are told to not to put plastic in the MW also. We pack our heatable lunches in the pyrex dishes with lids.

regarding double vs single ovens...
FWIW, one of my partner at work has a relatively older double oven combo with MW at the top. The MW broke. There was no way she could get the MW replaced in the common double oven frame. So she had it repaired for more than it cost to have it replaced with another MW. She also had her Subzero compressor replaced. Her kitchen is prob going on 20 years old. They are not ready to pull the trigger on a new kitchen. It still looks good and functions well.

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Thanks kaismom. I decided on the Advantium - the Electrolux reviews I read, particularly several ones about a hinge problem, worried me. It may have been resolved but the trigger has been pulled on the Advantium and the Monogram oven anyway.

We have eliminated all plastic storage stuff too so I am not worried about something going in in plastic. . .

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I appreciate the discussion here - I'm still waffling between the Advantium/GE Oven and the Electrolux Units. It's so frustrating about the Electrolux - the ICON ovens that match the speed oven get much poorer reviews than the regular Electrolux ovens. And they cost a lot more. So this has me uncomfortable.

At the same time, I keep reading about switching the cooking surface on the Advantium when you switch between MW/Heated cooking, and that seems like a constant pain.

I know that people complaining are a disproportionate share of anyone who writes reviews, but it's still a concern.

I wonder also - these speed oven models have been around for a while now. I'd hate to buy something, and then have a new version come out next week.

Does anyone other than Gary have the Electrolux? I'd love to hear some other comments.


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Hi....I do.

I have the E'lux Icon speed oven with the designer handle and the Icon 30" wall oven.
Not the best picture of the ovens but it's the only one I have on Photobucket right now.

There has been no problems with either oven. The first time I used the reg oven it was for Thanksgiving last year. I was pretty proud of myself, I set the oven and used the probe. When the turkey was done @160�, the oven automatically went to warm and beeped to tell me it was done. Perfect turkey!!!!

I was a little concerned about the comments about the oven not being as deep as the non-icons but I have had no problems with pans not fitting. I use all the settings, love the bread proofing and I have tomatoes that I'm dehydrating right now.

I haven't really concentrated on using the speed oven as much, I guess old habits are hard to change. I have used it as a speed oven though and every thing has turned out fine. The speed oven has more of a learning curve. I do cook and bake a lot, we rarely eat out. I did make a pie in the speed oven and that was fine. But one word of caution, the interior is hard to clean. I roasted a whole chicken in the speed oven on high heat and the grease splattered everywhere and was hard to clean off the interior. I wish it had a self cleaning setting. I learned my lesson...... smaller interior so splatters are going to be on the surfaces. Do chicken in the big oven.

We also put in the 36" induction cook top and I love it! So fast, easy to control and clean up takes seconds. I'll never go back to gas.


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That sounds great! Thanks so much. And the picture confirms that at least in the "Designer" trim, the doors seem to match.

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wizardnm, really happy to hear that you love yours. I bought the Pro-style Icon Single wall oven (not yet installed) and I am hesitating between the Elux "mathching" speed oven, or going with the Advantium.

Hoping that Chris drops in here with a "reason" for the dealers advertising a model that does not exist, and why Elux allows it. Even after contacting a couple of those dealers myself with those concerns, they continue to post the imposter photo as the Elux Speed oven. I guess they feel that they did a better job with the look than Elux. ):

FYI: GE is coming out with "new" appliances very soon. I wonder how long until Elux decides to bring out a new look. I really wish they had done a better "marriage" between the Pro High Speed and Wall Oven. I'll be stacking mine.

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Well, my ovens are finally in this week - they look just like Nancy's (wizardnm's).

I haven't done that much with them yet - still waiting on countertop / sink installs. But after a few quick things (Frozen dinner & a baked potato that I microwaved so far), I did notice that the inside glass steamed up, and steam was coming out of the vents,although the fan was running. Never noticed anything like that with a microwave before...

Is that normal, or is there possibly something amiss with the installation?

(But yes, it did cook things!)


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I doubt anything is wrong with the installation, Aletia.
I can "steam mine up too", depending upon what I put in it.

Usually the steam disappears on its own, after I open the speed oven, as I've rarely had to wipe the steam off the inside glass, course it is usually "High and Dry" here in S Calif, so the steam "May" clear up faster on its own than it would in a more humid environment.

I never have noticed steam coming out the vents, but I will play closer attention, next time I mw or speed cook something with a lot of moisture.

Next time you do a baked potato, try the speed cook function for the potato, it's under "Casseroles" ie hit the
"basic cook 4 times and it will show casseroles, then use the up arrow till it shows "real potatoes", then enter the number of potatoes, it sets everything for you--ie Preheat time and temp, once it's done preheating it tells you to put the food in, it then sets the time , temp and % microwaving needed.

Hope you enjoy yours as much as we do!


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Glad to hear from you! We're in NJ, which is a bit more humid, so maybe that's part of it. And I tried the speed cook baked potato last night - was pretty darn good! It was a big potato, so I had to run it a second time (no preheat required), but it was great. I'll figure it out. But you're right - it seems great so far.


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Yep I always tell mine 2 potatoes, alto I only have one rather large thou, and it comes out perfect.


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