Silicone vs. latex caulk rules around shower?

pbx2_gwSeptember 6, 2013

I am about to engage my installer on why there is a hole where my shower floor meets the curb wall & I am afraid 4.5 months in, this will only get worse.

Can some1 help me locate an online link to the TCNA reference that points to using silicone caulk vs grout to join between a change in planes please?

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Thank you mongoct!

I had missed this particular nugget in my research to prep my defense against their excuses:

Technically, anywhere there is a change in substrate or backing surface such as the joint between walks and floor and wall joint, caulk should be used in place of grout since these surfaces move independently of each other. However, it is important to recognize and make the end user aware of some important points.

Often, installers use grout in place of caulk for these reasons:

* The caulk may not exactly match the grout color.
* Even when the caulk exactly matches the grout color when installed, it may not match six months later (caulk will "age" differently from the grout).
* Caulk will need to be maintained more often than grout.
* Mold may grow more easily on caulk (except caulk treated with mildewcide) than on grout.
* Acrylic caulks break down in horizontal wet applications. Silicone, urethane, or multi-polymer caulks are better choices but can be harder to apply.

However, when grout is used in place of caulk, the grout can cause structural and aesthetic problems.

* The grout will crack allowing moisture to penetrate.
* Where the grout is sufficiently strong, movement in the walls, floor, or countertop can damage the tile.
* Grout cannot hide corner cuts as well as caulk.

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