Uses for a steam oven?

jxbrownAugust 28, 2012

Besides making bread?

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I've tried baby back ribs for 45-60 minutes then finished in a broiler to brown. Veggies are excellent and you can make a unfried egg over easy on a plate in the time it takes for the oven to come to full steam. I've only tested at a Miele gallery and hoping to buy one soon. I might get the Thermador, though. Miele is steam only.

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We cooked a whole chicken at Clarke Kitchens which is the Wolf/SZ distributor for New England. It was ultra moist and crispy brown. We steralized jam jars and reheated a pasta dish and stuffed artichoke without drying them out. It is suppose to be really great for cooking fish. The Wolf is a steam/convection oven and can be used as a steam oven, steam/convection oven, or conventional convection oven. We purchased the Wolf and can't wait to use it. Unfortunately, that won't be for several months....

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Bread baking is amazing if it is a combi-steam. I made the below rolls with my Wolf Combi. Also love cooking/steaming dumplings, fish, reheating food, and it is great for small baking jobs.

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Wow pspand, those look amazing! We just got our Wolf but I haven't had a chance to try any breads yet. Would you mind sharing some suggestions for bread recipes? I can't eat it, but I'd like to start making bread and rolls for the family. I'd love to begin with some tried and true recipes. Thank you!

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my basic and dead simply recipe -

500g bread flour
330ml water (cold)
1/2 package yeast

let rise 2x and the second rise is typically 4-6 hours, shape, bake on autosteam bake for 40-45 min. Don't take out of oven early as really takes 40-45 minutes to get the internal temp to 210.

I typically use sourdough starter that I have going and it makes a difference but when rushed I will use packaged yeast.

Hope this helps and enjoy!

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