GE Cafe DW Issues

BToothAugust 10, 2012

Just finished a kitchen remodel. We purchased a GE Cafe DW. When it was first installed by our general contractor, we were seeing condensation on the granite above the DW. A GE technician told us that we needed to lower it a tad, and pull it out so that the front of the door was flush with the nose of the granite, and maybe just a tad more than that. When it was first installed, our contractor used the braces on top of the DW to secure to plywood underneath the granite. When we pulled it out some, the braces no longer lined up with the plywood, so rather than try to drill into granite, we used the side braces to secure to our cabinets. Ran again with no condensation, so that problem was solved.

My next issue is the fact that we have to wrestle the door open/closed. OK, wrestle may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I honestly did question whether the DW handle could withstand the force required to open/close year after year. I hate using the cabinetry for leverage to open/close the DW. It was my understanding that the screws are supposed to prevent the DW from tipping forward when the door is open and racks are out, rather than provide leverage to open/close. I went to Home Depot and tried to open/close the floor model, and it was also pretty stubborn. Is this typical for GE DWs with hidden controls? Does the latche "wear" over time and become easier to open/close? Can the latch be a adjusted somehow?



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I have had my ge cafe dishwasher replaced 3 times, and the refrigerator twice. The second refrigerator is freezing up and water is forming on the ceiling of the unit. They are less than 9 months old. I am having the entire ge cafe line pulled out as soon as I can find a new line. It's too bad because it is beautiful, but what good is beautiful if it doesn't function well?

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