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olliemanAugust 26, 2012

I have to say my experience with Capital has been less than stellar. I bought my 36" Range in January and noticed immediately that the broiler wasn't working and the grates rock as if not fitting solid. Here it is almost September and the problem is still not resolved. The local tech comes out, scratches his head, calls Capital and orders parts, comes back out 3 months later ( 2 times same scenario ) and still no go. I called Capital this last time and it appears they still did not ship any parts from the techs last visit. It's as if they simply ignore hoping it will go away. I'm at the point of pursuing getting my money back. They talk a good game on the phone but simply do not act. The broiler is the main issue. I can turn it on broil and after 1hr 15 minutes the temp will be at 200 degrees. There is a small orange glow at the rear of the glass that I'm told by Capital this is the pilot light/igniter. I doubt I could even make toast.

Anyone else has these experiences?


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Sorry to hear about your issues. I was headed towards a CC but I may be reconsidering my Capital purchase and go back to to the BS. I cannot believe these companies do not have the COMMON SENSE to be on these forums and make sure they do their absolute best to make people happy. To me, my decision between the major players right now comes down to customer service. I have no local techs or dealers so if something goes down and the company is that bad they definitely will not be getting my business. I hope it gets resolved quickly!

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To valruss
customer service = wolf
product = wolf
looks = wolf

I am sorry about your issues. Have you tried trevor at eurostove?
apparently he is the only one who can get capital to move with any issue.

Good luck.

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Below is a link to Wolf Gas range recall for saftey hazard in 2001.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Here is another Wolf Gas range recall for safety hazard from 2008

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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I could keep going. My point is not the Wolf is particularly bad but some people pretend Wolf's sh!& don't stink.

Every range company has issues.

Wolf gas burners are extremely mediocre.

Wolf gas ovens are fine but nothing exceptional.

Wolf electric ovens are exceptional.


I would post specifics about dates and who I talked to, when promisises were made and how long it been since promises have not been kept..

That generally gets the ball moving faster than generic post of discontent.

It has gotten Captial's Attention ASAP in the past.

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Sorry you're having such problems. Hard for me to believe because the issue I had with my Capital Culinarian was taken VERY seriously by Capitol and they immediately sent a tech out (from some distance away I might add) who fixed the problem efficiently and without asking...tuned up all burners, air shutters, etc. and explained how to get the most out of our range vis-a-vis preheating cycling, etc.

Love the range and couldn't be happier with the customer service I received. I agree with Deeagaux, post specifics, post pics, list contacts, dates and what you were told. It will produce results.

Good luck!

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Here is the photo of the broiler on. It never changes no matter how long it's left on. I cannot figure out how to show the rocking grates. Can a video be posted?'


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The service person I spoke with at Capital the last 2 times has been Ever. I did not initially start logging everything because I did not expect to have issues with getting my range repaired. Hindsight as they say. The latest as of today is Capital shipped the parts out on Aug 17 to Altex to perform the repairs. I have not heard from anyone at Altex.

Basically I've had 3 service calls regarding the broiler not working and the grates rocking. On each service call they call into Capital and order parts, tell me they should be out next week and each time it's been 3 months before I hear anything. I've been way too patient but no more.

The rocking grates have been replaced and still rock. It's a mystery to the techs. They took a photo on the last visit and sent to Capital. The rail on the left and right side where the grates rest do not fit level. There is a cutout on the front bracket where the rails rest that does not span the entire length. One side of the rail is at one level and the other slightly lower. I think that is the issue but can't understand why no one else seems to mention this problem. I'm attaching a photo to hopefully show what I'm talking about. The rails are not in the photo. Just the location where the rails sit.


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It is a shame you have to go through this and try to get it fixed by going online and hope that Trevor will intercede for you. I think you have a good possibility that you range was mishandled before you got it and is out of plumb and no telling what else is wrong with it. If you look it over good with a flashlight you may find other things wrong with it. You have been very patient and I would ask for a new range at this point. I would appeal to the dealer to assist you with it. That is the person you paid. It should come with a full warranty from the time of delivery of the new range. You have never had a fully working range. Keep in mind the warranty time frame you have now and the time is ticking away. We had many issues with the first range and wall oven we bought, a different brand, and the company drug their feet and made promises they didn't keep and they did finally buy them back but it took months to get my money and the person who told me I would get my money back said in a snide way"you're just lucky you got this before your warranty was out" Write everything down and try to get things in writing. You find out how important service is when you have problems. We ended up with a Wolf DF and couldn't be happier. "Mediocre" for a burner will mean different things to different people. We bought an Electrolux wall oven and had an issue with the enamel. They were great and replaced the oven immediately. The service guy said most companies would just replace the side walls of the oven. I am a very loyal customer. I learned a lot from my experience and hope you can get this straightened out. At least you have this avenue to tell your story.

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Something about the steel drip pan in your photo doesn't look right. Well at least it looks different from mine. I've tried to replicate your camera angle on my range. On your range, it looks like the drip pan has an extra flange on the side.

Here's mine. Notice the gaping slot along the left edge. That slot is where the grate support rail fits into.

Here's a picture with the support rail in place.

Maybe they've changed the design. My range was delivered last June. Hopefully this can be useful to you when you communicate with Capital.

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Thanks Jscout. Mine does have the slot and the rail fits just like yours except yours looks level and not tilted. My flash probably hid the gap that is there. I should add that only the front 2 grates rock. I have the 30" range.

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Ok, I see it. I think it was the shadow. Did you try inserting the grate support rail in the other direction? The profile of the rail is not perfectly symmetrical. Like looking at a staple and one of the point ends is longer than the other. I mixed it up once and my grates wobbled until I reversed the rails.

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Hoo Ray! Surjit Kalsi of Capitol responded and left his phone & email.

Tom, ALL of us really want to know how this plays out..please. We are considering this range for our remodel.

This is such a terrific website.

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I'm about to give him a call now. I will keep you posted.


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2 phone calls to Mr Kalsi, 1 message left, 1 email sent, So far no answer.

Ever did call to say parts were being shipped and he was trying to get Apex out this week but no call from them either.


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Hope things get resolved quickly now that you have their attention.

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Another day with zero response from Capital.

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And this is why I live in South Central Texas but flew to Boston to buy from Trevor. I have had nothing but excellent response from Trevor & Capital. Trevor is my dealer and I always go through him and he always delivers. When buying high end it's as much who you buy it from as what you bought.

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I'm quite surprised that Trevor has not "weighed in here", even thou the range was not bought from him.

He is usually "Active" in preserving Capitol's reputation, which at this minute, is taking a beating!

Maybe Trevor has a "New Love", Ya Thinks???


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I do hope my range gets fixed soon. I do like the burners with the exception of simmer. I have to use diffusers and it's still too hot. When the techs come I plan to have them check the adjustments. Short of changing the front 2 grates (which still rock) the techs have never really done anything. No adjustments, no part changes, nothing.

I really do want to give it a thumbs up but right now I'm simply getting more and more angry. If you as a chairman of the company post your phone and email on the forum why would you not take my call or answer my email?

I made the Capital choice entirely based on what I read on this forum. That's why I feel it necessary to post my experience for others to make better decisions.

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The drip tray rails need to be placed properly in order to hold the grates securely. They should be oriented properly and cover the "gap." Without the grates in place they look slightly "tilted" but once the grates are seated they level out and hold the grates very securely (no rocking).

I imagine you've already tried all of this, but you never know.... We sometimes overlook the simplest things. It's happened to me a few embarrassing times with computer-related issues where I try all kinds of complicated fixes when a simple "reboot" ultimately resolved the problem.

I suspect that to some extent "service" depends upon the quality of the contracted repair outfit in your area. We are lucky that ours happened to be outstanding. Hope you get this resolved soon and can enjoy the CC as much as I do.



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Thanks for the advice BFF. I have tried that and mine seem to follow exactly how you describe but still rock. Maybe new rails will fix.

Update on Capital Communication.

Service company called to schedule apt for next Thursday with parts in hand. Capital called moments later to advise that the service company would be calling me and the new rails would be arriving to me on Monday.

We're making progress. I hope to post good news by end of next week.


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Tom--its troublesome for me to get service from my local guy also. Bob at Capial (btw, I suggest only dealing with him in the future as he's the head of service) tells me that my local guy will call and weeks go by before he does. Then its at least 9-10 days before he can come out. I got very frustrated. Now when Bob calls me, I make a note on my calendar to call him back 3 days later if I haven't heard from my local guy. By pestering Bob, I get a faster response from my local guy. Plus, I've had other issues with my local guy. I don't blame Bob or Capital, although I agree that satisfaction with your local guy directly reflects on one's impression of Capital.

As for the grates rocking, mine fit poorly until I received my new rails and drip pans.

Good luck getting your issues resolved.

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Update: Techs just finished replacing the safety valve, igniter and glass on the broiler. It appears to be working now. Before I could turn on the broiler and the oven would only be 200 degrees after being on over an hour. Now it was at 450 after about 15 minutes.

Interesting the old glass covering the broiler was tinted very dark and the new is clear. Bob tells me it will work the same so no worry.

Now I will be working with Bob at Capital to determine how to solve the rocking grate issue.

Thanks breezygirl on the Bob tip. He's much more responsive than Ever.


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I've had two instances of problems with my Capital (which is just over a year old), and in each case it took over a month of multiple emails, calls and posting here to get any action. And unlike BrightFutureFoods' wonderful experience, my repair people just did the minimum. They fixed the problem, and not one iota more. They make a very nice product, and once you make it clear that you will not give up you do eventually get service, but never (for me) by following regular channels. It's a shame - I've gotten better response for problems on a $50 immersion blender than on my $5,000 range. Maybe if you live within range of their factory techs in CA you get good service, but here in NY it's been dismal. I do like my Capital most of the time, but I doubt that I would buy another one.

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