Online backup????

marie_ndcalApril 2, 2013

Over a period of time I am getting the following message.
Online Backup has determined that a backup should be performed as you have no backups scheduled, you should launch a back up as soon as possible.
Two boxes to check
Backup now
Bakup later.
the only backup I have is with Quicken.
What is going on?
PS. Went to check the spelling and getting this message that I have never had before.
Unable to connect to Google spelling servicers. Please check your internet and try again.
Yes I can get on line.

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Simply sounds like Quicken notices you haven't backed up for a while and is reminding you. How often do you get the reminders? I'm sure you can go into the program and tell it not to remind you.

As for the Google spell check, I get that message occasionally on several of their services. Probably just that their servers are down or overloaded. It always comes good pretty quickly.

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