Cost of metal roof vs. composite

madisonkdJuly 25, 2012

Is the metal roofing typically a lot more in cost than composite? Every so often I see a metal roof on a smaller house, or farm house, that I know the value of the home is in the 150K range... I love the sound of rain on a metal roof, and I love the look of it too... just wondering on the cost difference between that and comp. shingles??

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In MY area... 2 to 3 times the cost of regular shingles.

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Ours was about 150% more. Can't remember exactly, but definitely less than twice the cost of a composite roof. We were happily surprised.

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We are getting a metal roof. There are different types. It is more but will not need to be replaced for a substantial amount of time compared to the architectural shingles. We called the metal roof manufacturer direct and got prices and then called for labor from my contractor. On our 2000ish sqft roof (with high rise in part) was a $4,000 difference in product, labor is about the same for either installation.

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Beth Parsons

I covet a metal roof but our builder said that because of the many angles in our roofline to expect it to cost 2 to 3 times the cost of 30 year dimensional shingles. Of course, if we never have to replace it vs every 10 to 15 with asphalt, we'd still come out ahead. The price of oil is just going to increase over the years which makes asphalt roof replacement more expensive down the road.

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We've been in our house for a year, and we did look into a metal roof. Specifically, the metal roofs with an air gap for added insulation...or so they said. It was an $18,000 upgrade. Being that we are in our late 60s, we decided to just get a good shingle roof.

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