I'm testing my linking abilities

sjerinApril 26, 2011

But I think the way I think I should do it is toooo easy. We shall see.

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchens

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Wa-hoo!! That was just too simple. I've asked for instructions before but I can't believe it was this easy. Somehow I thought there was a lot more involved, using . Maybe figuring out how to right-click with the mac mighty mouse has helped.

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You would use the > and

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Do you mean in the actual text? I never got that--thank you for telling me. A lot of times, when people give computer explanations they assume we know the shorthand as well as certain steps that are unspoken, to them. I'm always chiding my dh for that!

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Yes exactly. Say for example you wish to point to the Google site, you would do this:-

Click here for the Google site

That coding is <a href="www.google.com">Click here</a> for the Google site.

It shows as
opening chevron
a href=
destination web address enclosed in double quotation marks
closing chevron
words to convey the message like Click here or your choice of course
opening chevron
forward slash and the letter a /a
closing chevron

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

if you happen to use firefox there is a great add on that makes things so simple it is called copy as html link with that add on you can go to any webpage, picture or what ever that is online and simply hilight one word or group of words on that page right click on it and choose from the options copy as html link, then right click and paste into your reply box. Just like this

Copy as HTML Link 2.0

there is also one that gives you the option to copy in BB code for those forums that use BB code as well as html and other options
CoLT 2.5.1

no need to try to remember those codes

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I wish there was an add on that could let you do underlines, bold, italics, etc.

It takes me too long, following directions to do it myself.


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Thank you, owbist and raven. I'm surprised it's still so complicated (to me) to send a link using all that lingo and those symbols. I tried the ff link but my settings aren't accepting it, so will have to figure that one out. I'm still working on sending a link in an email that can just be clicked on and not have to cut and paste.

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Well, shooooooot. I was able to do it before, but now I can't get a CLICKABLE link in email. I used this link below but I only get a ulr that isn't clickable. I feel sure I followed instructions! I have a mac and ff, though I'm sure that has nothing to do with it.
Any thoughts from anyone not totally annoyed yet?

Here is a link that might be useful: EHow

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

what email client are you using most all of them make links clickable immediately when you paste it in the email, the only one that has a problem is hotmail if you are using firefox it does not do it automatically you have to paste the link in the email then click on the hyperlink icon, paste the url there also then click apply, a real pain when you have a lot of them to do. It works fine if using IE however.

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Yes, I use Firefox. What is the hyperlink icon? (Forgive my ignorance--still lots to learn.) Perhaps it will be easier when I can download the ff download?

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In my hotmail when I start a new message on the bottom row of toolbars at top of the message screen the third icon from the right is the hyperlink icon. Hover your cursor over it and the name will show up.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

you did not mention which email client you use???
depending on your email client you may have to set it for rich text and then the icons will show up I know that is what you do in hotmail. In hotmail at the very top there is a drop down box with the options rich text, plain text and edit in html, set it on rich text that enables the new bar with various icons and options like font, size, color, bold, and also an icon that looks like a globe with a chain link in front of it, that is the insert hyperlink icon.

However you need to tell us which type of email you use because it can be different on that one.

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Well, I use Entourage, though Yahoo is my main email; I just hate it. I know I'm not using the correct terminology at all! Because our email is through att u-verse, we have to use Yahoo mail and through that(?) we use Entourage (as a pop account?) We cannot use the entourage email when away from home, only yahoo.

I have discovered that what I thought wasn't working, actually was. When I right-click the url and insert into an email, it doesn't look as though it's clickable. But dh showed me that it is, indeed, when it is received. So I guess I'm all set! Thank you all again for your help.

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