Do you scoop or shovel?

lindacJanuary 4, 2011

Weather guy just announced that we would have a good chance of "scoopable snow" before the week's over.

Around here some people scoop....I grew up on the east coast and I shovel....but I know what it is to scoop a path.

So is it just Iowans who "Scoop snow" or do others do it too?

Linda C

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Here we shovel snow and scoop poop...

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Whats snow? darfc.....

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I've scooped cat litter. I've never touched a shovel.

yeah, what's snow? darfcwj

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Nope - never scooped snow.... shovel yes, scoop no.


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Yeah, my first thought was that with 8 cats, I scoop a lot, but luckily I don't need a shovel....yet. lol!

I don't expect to see snow this winter - I think we had it all last winter. We desperately need rain, though.


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Interesting. I love knowing about regional word differences, and I hadn't heard of that usage. I thought everyone shoveled snow. Is it through the whole midwest, I wonder?
I think Annie in Michigan shovels. Maybe "scoop" is special to Iowa? It sort of has the feel of a euphemism, doesn't it? As in "we'll just scoop up this lttle bit of white stuff." Or, is "scoop" used for big amounts generally? Do you scoop dirt when you dig a garden, or shovel it?

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Another Michigan person here...but I do neither! After moving into my current home with a 135 x 25 foot driveway not including the circle drive in the front...I snowblow baby! (sounds kinda dirty when I say it like that? is what it is (that is for whoever hates that expression!)


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It may be a "ruralism" not everyone in Iowa scoops snow. But enough do use the term so that I don't think it's unusual until I heard "scoopable" and that made me think about it.
I have a neighbor who will say, "Linda I'll come scoop your drive when I get done scooping my own"
And perhaps the term came because lots of people here use a grain scoop to shovel snow.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scoop shovel

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I thought this was gonna be about dogs!

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LOL, Gina!

I have lived in MN all my life and everyone here has always "shoveled". I can't say that I have ever heard anyone use the term "scoop" when referring to any amount of snow.


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I thought it was about eating peas! No, I shovel, and shovel, and shovel (another snow day here with at least 1 ft of fresh snow.)

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I don't have cats or dogs, but all I could think of was a pooper scooper, too! I was in MI until I was 8, then out of snow country until 18, but while I've shoveled snow, I don't think I've ever scooped it (except maybe for a snow ball fight!?!) Here in CT I either try to wait for the melt or pay the neighbor kids to shovel...

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I grew up in northern New Hampshire - the White Mountain region - before moving to the NH Seacoast area in my teens.
Back then snowblowers were not common and most families had a snow scooper, in addition to an arsenal of regular snow shovels.

The scoop was constructed of wood. It was sort of like an enormous wooden dustpan with 2 waist-high handles coming up on either side connected with a wooden bar that you pushed to "scoop" the snow. The bottom of the scoop usually had flat metal runners that helped it skim over the snow as you pushed a full scoop out of the driveway to dump elsewhere. So, back in the day, I scooped and shoveled.

These days I shovel where we can't "snowblow." Except when using an actual scooper (which I haven't seen in years), I've never heard anyone here in NH (or in Maine, where I lived for 20 yrs.) refer to snow shoveling as snow scooping.

I, too, enjoy hearing about these regional terms.

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We always shoveled in SD and MN when I lived up there. It melts in a day or two down here for the most part....LOL! We did have our first blizzard last Christmas Eve and shoveling was no fun at all for this guy. No snow so far this year. I'm a happy camper with that one for sure! We won't talk about ice.... a whole different mess to deal with : )


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Scoop is for poop, and I've only used a shovel for oats at my father's feed store. I don't know from snow.


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As Jo put it, I shovel. Then I shovel some more. Then I shovel again. Then I collapse! More white stuff is on the way for the weekend.~sigh~

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Oh yeah, I shovel. And shovel. And shovel. We're supposed to get a foot of snow tonight and tomorrow and I'll shovel some more.

I do scoop poop though, and I also scoop grain with a big flat bottomed shovel with tall sides called a "grain scoop". It's not worth a rip for snow, BTW.

Annie (who needs to put on boots and get outside and shovel. Again.)

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