Lincoln Centurion Cookware

cdauerAugust 15, 2007

Have any of you used the Lincoln Centurion Cookware. I'm getting an induction cooktop and this line was recommended to me. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Claire

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Wow, I just checked out the prices on that stuff... got money to burn? Did you also check the Cookware forum?

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FYI, it's made in Italy by Paderno. And that's a good thing ;-)

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I discovered Centurion cookware about 19 years ago when I was hanging out in restaurant supply houses shopping for commercial hot plates and charbroiler. Over the next few years we built up a nice collection. They have been great. After almost 20 years of hard use on 30,000BTU burners they show almost no wear. I canÂt comment on their performance on an induction cook top, but they are outstanding on high output gas burners. Plus you can get REALLY large sizes.

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blindstar....thanks for the info. I have some other non-induction pieces and love them, especially for cleaning. Claire

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