Tape to DVD?

davestexasApril 1, 2011

I have a VCR tape that I want to covert to a DVD. Don't have a VCR anymore, so I'm asking where something like this can be done? The tape is a copy of an old 8mm home movie and I'd like family members to have copies of it. Thanks

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QVC had a great offer of a box for that purpose the other day put the tape in and create a DVD check their website. I'm still mulling it over for myself .

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Thank you for the replies. I forgot something important: the master copy I had is now full of visual 'noise'. My father decided it would be a good idea if he added vocal descriptions of the different events on the master tape. (It was not) He did that, but in doing so the tape has what I guess would be called 'electronic noise tracks' throughout the length of the tape. Akin to snow on the old tv signals. That visual 'noise' needs to go away. My plan is to get a clean copy from a relative, get someone to add the vocalization to the clean copy and then make that into a DVD. Don't know where that can be accomplished though. Advice? Thanks

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Too bad you weren't into that as a hobby cause it would be too expensive to purchase this as a one time use.
I have a Pyro Converter that is connected to my computer that imports the tape as it plays from my camera (or VCR) into the computer. Then you can add sound (voice) over the "noise" that is already on there using a Photo software program.

I make slides/movies and burn to DVD's with a label printed right on the disk.
Here is a disk I made of home movies of weddings. You type whatever you want on it and graphic of your choice.

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Thanks. I guess I'm not describing it correctly. Voice-over is fine but when he was accomplishing that, it left visual static lines on the tape. That has made the tape almost un-seeable. Thats what I'm saying is 'noise', not the voice-over audio. I want to get the audio track put on a clean copy of the tape. I don't know what type of business that would do that? Thanks

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I don't know where exactly you live, but most cities of any size have small companies that convert tapes and movies to DVDs all the time, and some of them can do some cleanup of the image so that it looks better on the DVD. You can find them by looking in the Yellow Pages of the phone book, or online if you want to send it off. Look under headings like "videotape" or "videotape conversion" or "audiovisual services" and the like. However, you may have a special problem with that visual noise, and it may or may not be able to be removed. I hate to tell you this, but, if that sound track is the source of the image degradation, it may have permanently corrupted the visual recording, and it may not be able to be restored to a clear picture.

Two last thoughts...

First, sometimes the type of lines you describe are actually just a tape tracking error, and can be made to disappear by adjusting the tracking control on the VCR. Have you tried that?

Second, do you have access to the old film? It might be better to start with that and have it converted directly to DVD.

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