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pete_p_nyAugust 22, 2009

I need a new refrigerator, and will be redoing my kitchen. What does counter depth actually mean...I did a search, and there is a lot of discussion on counter depth fridges, but no actually discussion on what that actually is? I would like to "enclose" the unit in the cabinet boxed out frame so it gives the built in panel look. When looking at units, is seems most are 32 to 35 inches in depth. Does one stick out too far for my application?

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They are not built-in, but slimmer than regular because the boxes themselves are usually 24-27" deep but the doors stick beyond the counter so they can open without hitting the side panels. No counterdepth I've seen has built-in style hinges with outboard pivot centers that pull the doors "in " as they swing open.

I have observed that wood-panel units actually look less convincing than just a metal door skin, because they sit on top of the door surface, further emphasizing the protrusion and sticking out beyond the adjacent cabinets.

I chose this simple looking CD with thin, flat doors and a 'trim kit' to get the most built-in look I could achieve at half the price of built-in.

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Counter Depth....The body of the unit is cabinet depth, then add the doors for the overall depth.

Full Depth..... the unit sticks out a long way past the cabinet depth up to 10" in some cases.

Built In / Integrated.....door front will be very close to been flush with the cabinets if not exactly flush.

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